Critical Sprayfoam Equipment for Roofing Contractors

Critical Sprayfoam Equipment for Roofing Contractors

The roofing insulation industry demands diligence in both the operation and care of your sprayfoam equipment. Experienced SPF contractors are all too familiar with daily cleaning, periodic troubleshooting, and the never-ending quest to reduce downtime. 

To apply polyurea well, the conditions for your materials must be precise. This means that you need the best equipment that ensure your spray foam is processed at the right pressure and temperatures. This is especially important if you work in the roofing industry, which usually requires around 30 lbs of spray foam per minute. Here is the critical sprayfoam equipment for roofing contractors that you should have in your rig.

The Spray Foam Rig

The types of rigs spray foam contractors use range from mini trailers to large units that can house generators and multiple proportioners. You can be a small business and just need a couple of small rigs or be extremely busy with high-volume work and own a fleet. 

However, no matter what type of business you run, it’s impossible to carry out jobs quickly or efficiently without a rig that can store all your necessary equipment and protect them from hazardous weather conditions. 

Choosing a spray foam rig is an easier process when you get the experts at Intech involved. After discussing the needs of your business, we can match you with the right size rig. We can also customize your rig and sell new and used vehicles to match your budget.

A Reliable Spray Foam Machine 

The next step is to get a proportioner that has a good reputation in the spray foam industry. This is where your materials are processed, and the bulk of the “magic” happens. Since your spray foam machine will be the main worker in your equipment arsenal, it should be a thoughtful investment. 

According to the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, the recommended output for roofing applications is up to 30 lb/min. Here are a few machines that meet this qualification.

  • The Graco Reactor 2 E30 Elite is an excellent mid-to-high output proportioner. It is hydraulic powered, which boasts the greatest longevity among spray foam machine types. It has the ideal 30 lbs/minute output that roofing contractors need. It also has 15.3 kW of available heat, which can keep your material at the right temperature even when you are working in cold weather. This machine is equipped with Graco’s convenient InSite Reporting Technology through which users to check on its operations remotely.
  • If you prefer the equally great brand PMC, then either the PHX-25 or the PHX-40 will meet most roofing application needs. The PHX-25 has a maximum output of 25 lbs per minute, which makes it better for medium-scale jobs, while the PHX-40 processes up to 40 lbs per minute and is ideal for high-volume roofing work. 

Spray Foam Guns

Heavy guns are starting to become a thing of the past as manufacturers continue to pursue lightweight models that combat user fatigue. Roofing guns should also be able to handle a minimum output of 30 lbs/ minute. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • PMC’s AP-2 Air Purge Gun and its recent update, the AP-3, are both great picks for mid to high volume roofing jobs. The AP-2 has a maximum output of 40 lbs/ minute while the AP-3 can spray up to 50 lbs/ minute. Both products weigh under 2.6 lbs.
  • Graco’s Probler 2 is easy to maneuver to reach tight corners and areas that more bulky guns can’t reach. It also weighs around 3 lbs, which reduces the need for contractor breaks due to fatigue. It has a double piston design that provides a triggering force over 300 lbs. It also has a maximum output of 40 lbs per minute.

More Spray Foam Essentials

Manufacturers are continually coming up with the next innovations to protect your materials and equipment. Here are some products that will save you time and make your applications better.

  • Extend reach wands
    • Reduce the need for scaffolds and ladders to save you time
  • Spray Gun Parts
    • Mix chamber
    • Extra tips of various sizes and shapes
    • Extra replacement parts
    • Cleaning solution
  • Other replacement parts & maintenance items
    • O-rings
    • Lubricant
  • Storage solutions
    • Hose racks
    • Cabinetry
  • Safety equipment
  • Drum Heaters
  • Internally heated hoses
  • Spray foam kits

To find even more products and solutions that will make operating your spray foam business more convenient, ask us!

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