How to Select the Right Graco Spray Equipment

Whether you are starting a new spray foam business or need to upgrade your existing SPF equipment, the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply know how much quality matters. When you use high-performing spray foam equipment, you avoid problems that often occur with low-quality machines and spray foam guns. High-quality equipment also reduces downtime that can result in delays and missed deadlines and costly repairs.

Delays cost you money, can harm your business reputation, and reduce clients’ satisfaction with your work. You need the best equipment to ensure your business runs smoothly and avoid common problems associated with SPF equipment. This is why Intech Equipment and Supply recommends Graco spray equipment.

We know that selecting the right spray foam equipment can be a daunting process–even for experienced contractors. The landscape for Graco spray machines constantly evolves because of fresh innovations and improvements. To help you decide which equipment to select, here are a few tips from our Definitive Buying Guide.

1. Compare the Process to Buying a Car

When you go to the dealership to buy a new car, the salesperson shows you models that you are interested in. Once you decide which vehicle you want, you are then offered options to customize it to meet your wants and needs. Just as you can add heated seats, GPS navigation, and exterior paint protection to a new car, you can choose different sizes, configurations, and power within the same model of a Graco spray machine. As you browse through the Intech online store, you will find that not Graco spray equipment within the same model has the same specs.

For example, you can select a machine or get it as part of a total package. It is also possible to customize the type of heater to get the right amount of power you need for the jobs you do. The right configuration promises the best functionality and performance for your needs. If you have a small-scale operation, you do not need a sophisticated, powerful machine. If you handle large commercial projects, you need equipment with high power and output.

2: Determine What Pump Drive System You Need

One of the first considerations for your Graco spray machine should be the pump drive system. This will determine the foam output, maintenance frequency, and power requirements of your Graco spray equipment. Currently, you have three choices:

Air-powered systems

  • Pros:
    • The most budget-friendly SPF system available.
    • Requires less power than electric and hydraulic machines.
    • Excellent for small jobs and touch-ups.
  • Cons:
    • Less powerful output.
    • Not suited for mid- and large-volume jobs.
    • Restricted to basic functionality.

Electric systems

  • Pros:
    • Versatile enough for residential and small commercial jobs.
    • Middle-of-the-road on both price and output.
    • Delivers a higher foam output than air-powered systems.
  • Cons
    • Power demand is higher than that of an air-powered machine.
    • Costs more than air-driven systems.

Hydraulic Systems

  • Pros:
    • Uses the newest technology.
    • Best output and performance consistency.
    • Ideal for large-scale jobs and polyurethane applications.
  • Cons:
    • More expensive than electric and air-driven systems.
    • Requires more power than electric and air-driven systems.

3: Determine Other Factors

Once you have decided which type of system you want, you can review the list of other features and decide which ones you want or need. Here are some key considerations:

  • Power requirements: Before you buy, consider the electrical capacity of your typical job site. Check if you will need a generator to have enough power.
  • Output rates: Higher outputs mean you can produce more spray foam in a shorter amount of time. However, this speed comes at a cost. So choose the right output to balance your budget and business needs.
  • Heating requirements: Since different materials require different temperatures, be sure to select equipment that will heat your chemicals to the right temperature.
  • Pressure rates: Different chemicals move at different pressure rates from the drums to the gun. Your equipment must meet this specification to work with the materials you need to use.

4: Stick to Your Budget

When you ask us to build you a custom spray foam rig, we tailor each specification to best reflect your needs and budget. If you would like to order high-quality Graco spray equipment but are short on budget, we a 12-month financing program with 0% interest on select new equipment, including Graco spray machines. This deal can help you get the best possible equipment and stay within your budget. Check out our financing calculator to get more details on your payment options for Graco equipment.

Graco Spray Equipment At Intech Equipment & Supply

If you have any questions about which Graco spray machine is the best fit for your operation and budget, contact us to talk about your options. We will help you get the equipment you need to grow your business.

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