The Best Choice for Polyurea Rigs for Sale

The Best Choice for Polyurea Rigs for Sale

When you start searching for the best polyurea rigs for sale, you will encounter many options from various providers. However, instead of being constrained to buy a pre-built rig package, shop at Intech Equipment and Supply and get a custom rig with the spray foam equipment you need. We carry the best rigs in the polyurea industry and are a one-stop-shop for all your other spray foam needs. 

Whether you need a fully built polyurea rig or replacement equipment, our expert customer service associates can direct you to the right products. 

Considerations Before Buying a Rig

We know your rig needs all the equipment to serve as your portable job site. The best rigs have everything you need to apply polyurea, even if there isn’t a power source in sight. The rigs we offer at Intech are designed for the utmost convenience and versatility on the job, allowing you to set up and move from one location to another quickly. 

Here are some other desirable factors to consider when searching for the best rig:

  • Your average polyurea application demands (high or low volume)
  • The number of tools and equipment you need to store and protect
  • Whether you need a fully outfitted rig or an expansion to your current fleet

Overall, the best choice for polyurea rigs for sale is relative to what you need on the job. Here are a few top picks that we can customize for your new or expanding business.

The Interstate Series 

Let’s start with our best selling model, the Interstate Series. This model is specifically designed for the full-time polyurea contractor. It is a heavy-duty rig that will get the job done.

This model is a 16-foot-long extended height trailer that can come in different equipment packages. For example, you can choose different reactors like the E-20, E-XP, H Series, and Reactor 2 to suit your specific power needs. 

The Interstate Series is both an excellent stand-alone rig and known as a turnkey product that new contractors can use without lacking anything. It is also customizable for add-ons, which gives the rig potential to meet your needs for years to come without expensive upgrades. Though there is great freedom in customization, here are some of the line’s key features:

  • Tightly insulated to keep polyurea at stable temperatures
  • Can spray up to two sets of open or closed cell foams daily
  • Closed door operation option for cold seasons
  • Low-maintenance to reduce downtime

Countless customers have been pleased with this model for its convenience, high quality, and attention to detail. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to add to your fleet, the Interstate Series is a good rig to have on your side.

The Classic Contractor E-20

The Classic Contractor E-20 is an entry-level spray foam insulation rig that is great for small-scale operations. It can also serve as a backup rig to support a larger fleet for contractors who do high-volume work. This model is a 14×7 factory-ordered extended height cargo trailer with an open floor plan that is open to customization. It also comes with these features:

  • Can spray up to two sets of open cell or closed cell polyurea daily
  • Custom hose rack and pump holders that make it easier to manage hoses and drum transfer pumps
  • Contains the E20 reactor that has enough output for any small-scale polyurea application
  • Can run independently on a gas-powered generator
  • Has a gas-powered air compressor to power the drum pumps and Graco Fusion Air Purge Gun

If you’re starting out as a contractor, this is a great purchase. What is also excellent about this trailer is its versatility and long-term value even as your business grows. While it is a great standalone rig for small jobs, it can become a support unit for your bigger trailers as you start to take on larger projects that require more extensive polyurea applications.

Get the Best Choices for Polyurea Rigs at Intech

At Intech, we offer the industry’s largest variety of polyurea equipment. Every polyurea rig for sale that we customize is made with the best supplies because we always have the contractor in mind. Our experienced team knows what it is like to apply polyurea in the real world, so we know what rigs you need. We also take the feedback we get seriously to always improve what we offer in our store.

Discover great rigs like the Interstate Series and more at Intech Equipment and Supply. Contact us to get connected with an expert who can recommend you the best polyurea rigs for sale.