The Best Spray Foam Roofing Equipment

The Best Spray Foam Roofing Equipment for Spring 2019

Professional roofing contractors know you need the best equipment to perform consistently. When you’re working with cheap equipment, the effects are evident. Using this kind of equipment can result in errors like overspray, uneven applications, or frequent interruptions due to clogs and other malfunctions. 

Therefore, it’s important to consult a vendor who is experienced in SPF equipment for roofing. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we are experts in spray foam equipment and supplies and can recommend you the best industrial spray foam roofing equipment available.

Here are our top picks for the spring and summer of 2019:

Spray Foam Rigs

Why carry separate pieces of equipment in different trucks when you can have everything in an “all in one” portable unit? Spray foam rigs are all-inclusive places that protect and store your valuable SPF equipment. Keep your valuable proportioners and guns out of the spring rain and morning frost. Here are our best sellers:

  • The Classic Contractor E20 is our best selling entry-level rig. It’s affordable and suited for both small and full-scale projects. 
  • The E-30 Reactor 2 Diesel Spray Foam Rig has been one of our best sellers for 10 years. It is customized to meet the needs of mid to high-volume applications Ideally, it’s meant for a contractor who regularly works 40 hours + work a week.
  • The Pro Series E-30 Spray Foam Rig is our best seller for commercial applications. It can handle some seriously high-performance jobs. If you’re on the go and need a rig powerhouse, this is the one for you!

Spray Foam Machines

Spray foam machines are the heartbeat of your operations. They warm and propel the materials into the gun where they mix. The best machine for a contractor is subjective, though. 

While an air-powered machine is perfect for a residential contractor, a high-volume contractor doing large commercial roofing jobs would fare much better with a hydraulic machine. We have an excellent selection of machines in these product categories that can meet your budget and SPF application needs.

  • Air-powered machines are ideal for the entry-level contractor. They’re also good additional support units for a large fleet. They use less electrical power and are generally the most affordable type of machine you can find in the industry.
  • Electric machines are excellent for mid to high output jobs. These machines naturally require more power to operate and generally cost more than air-powered machines.
  • Hydraulic machines are the best machines for high-output jobs. They also require the least maintenance and involve less downtime. However, the tradeoff is their high cost. 
  • Used spray foam machines of many varieties are available at our store for the budget-conscious contractor.

To start your search for the best SPF machine for you, browse our online selection or speak to our customer service associates today.

Spray Foam Guns

The amount of downtime you have on the job depends a lot on the kind of gun you have. Mediocre products may be cheaper, but these guns clog easily or can be difficult to maintain. We highly recommend guns by Graco and PMC due to their ease of use, durability, and simple maintenance. 

We carry guns that can handle high outputs and stay in the action due to their interchangeable mix chambers that you can detach and replace with a new one.  Here are a couple of our best sellers.

  • The AP-2 Air Purge Gun from PMC is a classic model that still beats out many of its competitors among spray foam roofing equipment. It only weighs 2.6 lbs and is a dependable air purge gun that is suitable for diverse SPF applications.
  • The Graco Fusion CS is the “breakthrough” gun for the high-volume contractor. It saves our customers an average of one hour of clean up per day. It also uses disposable ClearShot liquid chambers that you can replace in minutes to keep on working. 

The Best Spray Foam Accessory for Warm Weather: Desiccants

Spring and summer often bring higher humidity in the air. As materials empty in your drum, humid air enters and can crystallize the material. This can always be easily mitigated by keeping desiccants on-hand and in use, regardless of the season.  

  • The Graco Three-Stage Air Dryer Kit is an all-in-one package that contains an air filter, coalescer, and desiccant housing to help you get started on dehumidifying your material drum.
  • We also carry desiccant dryers to prevent crystallization and keep your materials at the ideal viscosity. Always keep a set of these on hand to prevent hold-ups while on the job.

Spray Foam Equipment for Sale

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we have the best spray foam equipment for roofing applications. Contact us to find out more about selecting the right products for your business.