Top Applications for the Leister Varimat V2

The Leister Varimat V2 is an automatic hot-air welding machine that has made the task of securing thermoplastic membranes more efficient than ever. Leister calls this model “the new dimension of the roof” as it has addressed the common pain points involved with applying polymer roofing membranes.

The Leister Varimat integrates the latest findings in the plastics welding sector while doubling the welding speed compared to the previous model. This advanced development saves roofers time by reducing the amount of time spent on the job. The sophisticated yet user-friendly controls also guarantee wrinkle-free welding under safe conditions.

If you’re looking to save time on your roofing projects, this is a product you should surely consider.

Here are the top applications for the Leister Varimat V2.

Product Overview

The Varimat V2 is an automatic hot-air machine that welds polymer roofing membranes. It is made explicitly to weld plastic insulation sheets rapidly. The V2 is best known for being the fastest in the industry, its smooth ergonomics, and ease of use. This machine can weld at more than 8 meters per minute, depending on the material, granting it the highest welding speed in the world.

The V2 is intuitive to operate, easy to transport, and reliable in performance. It is also packed with safety features like automatic shut off if an improper voltage is detected.

Its features are highly desirable to contractors who work with polymer membranes:

  • A patented pressure roller to reduce unevenness
  • Ergonomic guide bar for smooth handling and to prevent back pain
  • Maintenance-free blower without carbon brushes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Its “e-Drive,” an intuitive press and turn control
  • Ability to recall preset and saved settings
  • A closed-loop system that promises continuous welding speed
  • Mounted on wheels for easy transport

These details are included in the new version’s design to address the needs of roofers who deal with the unique challenges of welding polymer materials on a large scale. The added conveniences that rectify pain points such as uneven application and slow progress have been a great help to speed up the timeline of commercial roofing projects in which every minute counts.

Top Applications for the Leister Varimat V2

The Varimat V2 can handle various material profiles. It is pre-programmed to weld different material profiles for different thermoplastic membranes. Naturally, this is an essential tool for commercial roofers who need to reinforce and protect roofs with polymer materials.

The Varimat V2 weld these materials under preset conditions for optimal results:

  • PVC
  • TPO
  • ECB
  • EPDM
  • CSPE

Before welding, the user can select a specific material profile. Then, the V2 will automatically configure itself to weld it properly. These preset conditions ensure the best results to eliminate wrinkles or gaps. Users can easily find all the preset options under the “Profil” option that appears on the user interface after toggling the machine’s e-Drive.

Handy Features

Leister places ergonomics on high priority for all its products, which is especially important to the 77-lb Varimat V2. It comes in a sturdy wheeled transport case to protect it during shipment and wherever it goes after that. This construction means that you don’t have to strain your back lifting the equipment to the job site.

The machine itself is also mounted on wheels so you can roll it in and out of its transport case — no carrying required! The V2’s handle also expands, compresses, and folds to pack easily into the case without taking up much space. The storage case also has room for small parts such as the hand tool unit for safekeeping. In this way, everything you need is on hand without any complicated storage methods.

Intuitive & Safe Controls

The Varimat V2 is designed to be safe and easy to use. The user display is larger than the previous mode’s interface, which makes it easy to set the temperature, speed, and airflow welding parameters. The machine also shows how long it will take for it to reach the desired temperature for operation, which averages 3 to 5 minutes. When it is time to turn the machine off, it is programmed to cool down for a set time to ensure the most extended life for the equipment, which averages 4 minutes.

When it comes to big jobs that need quick turnarounds without any lapses in quality, the Varimat V2 is the ideal welder for the project.

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