Types of Polyurea Trailers for Sale

A polyurea trailer is a key item in your arsenal of spray foam equipment. Not only is it a convenient place to store all your polyurea tools and machinery, but it can also function as a self-sufficient work site. Trailers and rigs keep your tools and polyurea in an insulated environment so that extreme temperatures won’t harm them. They can also be equipped with generators so that you’re never without a steady power source.

Whether you need a brand new rig for your contracting business or need to purchase a larger trailer for expanding operations, Intech has polyurea trailers for sale that will allow you to apply spray foam with precision and ease. We customize rigs with the busy contractor in mind, so as you start shopping, you’ll notice that we design our trailers based on your real-world needs. 

Types of Polyurea Trailers at Intech

At Intech, we have many polyurea trailers for sale that can help you meet your contracting goals. There are three general types of trailers that we can further customize to meet the unique demands of your business operations.

  • Towable Trailers
  • Box Trucks
  • Compact Units

Each type of polyurea trailer is suitable for jobs of different scales. While compact units are excellent rigs for small-scale contractors who perform residential or small commercial projects, box trucks are geared for high-volume polyurea applications. Towable trailers come in different lengths to meet small to large operations and are considered our most versatile rigs. If you consider your business somewhere in between low and high volume, then a towable trailer may be the product that is right for you.

If you want to know which type would be right for your polyurea applications, simply get in touch with us. We will be happy to direct you to the trailer type that would suit the needs of your business.

Towable Polyurea Trailers

Towable polyurea trailers for sale make up most of the rigs that we design for our clients. These rigs are pulled by your typical work vehicle. There is great versatility when selecting a towable trailer because they can vary in size and length to meet the demands of your business. Overall, polyurea trailers differ in these areas:

  • Size: They can be as long as 24 feet. If you do mainly high-volume operations, you will need a bigger rig and a more powerful truck to tow it.
  • Look & Layout: The trailer’s designs and internal layout will vary according to what components you need inside.
  • Interior Components: The setup inside the trailer should adapt to the equipment you currently have or plan to purchase in a customized package.
  • Cost: By selecting a smaller or used rig, contractors can spend less compared to buying a new or larger trailer.

The general rule to follow with trailers is that the bigger the trailer, the more powerful work vehicle you will need to tow it. At Intech, we can direct you to the right equipment and price points to ensure that you’re making a smart investment for your business.

Box Trucks

If you’re looking for self-sufficiency and longevity in the field, then box trucks may fit the bill. Box trucks are powerhouses that are predominantly suited for high-volume operations. 

These rigs are built directly within a box truck so it’s essentially a turnkey, self-contained worksite on the go. These differ from towable trailers in that they generally hold more polyurea equipment. When you can carry more spray foam within your insulated rig, you’ll have less downtime having to get more supplies to complete high-volume jobs. 

Compact units

A rising star in the polyurea industry, more small-scale spray foam contractors are adopting the compact unit trailer. These small polyurea rigs are relatively new to our inventory at Intech, but they have much to offer our clients.

These condensed rigs can serve as support units to an existing fleet or be a standalone rig for low-volume polyurea applications. Naturally, these units hold less equipment because they are smaller. However, their compact size makes grants them the greatest freedom in movement in the field. 

Polyurea Trailers for Sale at Intech

Whether you’re working with small-scale residential polyurea applications or are accustomed to meeting the demands of commercial projects, Intech Equipment and Supply has the right polyurea trailer for you. 

Every trailer that we offer can be customized and come in packages that specifically suit the needs of your spray foam business.

Contact us to find out more about our polyurea trailers or any other spray foam product we have in stock.