What’s New in Spray Foam Equipment For 2020?

A growing number of professional home builders are choosing spray foam insulation over fiberglass for its overwhelming benefits. Compared to traditional fiberglass, spray foam retains internal temperatures more efficiently, block more external noise, which creates a more comfortable and inviting home. Because of these perks, builders are willing to pay the extra cost to install spray foam insulation in their new builds. Also, more homeowners are interested in removing their fiberglass insulation to install energy-efficient spray foam in their crawl spaces, walls, and attics.

Naturally, spray foam contractors are working hard to keep on top of this demand in 2020. Having functional and efficient spray foam equipment helps them stay productive and produce great results for all their clients. Industry-leading brands are also working hard to manufacture new equipment that helps contractors stay competitive.

Here is what’s new in spray foam equipment for 2020:

Sustainability & Eco-Friendliness

One of the biggest trends in the spray foam industry is the pursuit of environmentally-friendly solutions. Increasing awareness of environmental impacts has inspired the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) to complete rigorous assessments on spray foam insulation to confirm that SPF applications are a responsible solution to energy concerns. There are also more efforts to make spray foam partly (15%) out of bio-based materials like soy to reduce the amount of petroleum-based materials in its composition.

However, regardless of spray foam’s makeup, the increased R-value and reduced airflow out of buildings work for the benefit of the environment. SPF insulation reduces how hard HVAC systems have to work to keep buildings at a comfortable temperature. This reduces energy usage no matter what type of spray foam materials you select.

Energy- Efficient Spray Foam Machines

The effort toward eco-friendliness crosses into the need for energy-efficiency. New spray foam equipment is designed to use less power than preceding models. This trend applies to low-powered machines like the new PMC PF/PFX-1600, the newest spray foam machine from Poly-Mac. It uses the most advanced pneumatic and heating technology to decrease air and power consumption. With an output of 16 lbs/ minute, it has enough production power for both seasoned and entry-level contractors.

Speed & Less Downtime

When you read the product descriptions of the newest equipment from top brands, you’ll see one common feature: less downtime. Speed is the name of the game in 2020. Less downtime keeps you on top of your schedule and out of the red. New guns like the PMC AP-3 is an even more lightweight improvement on its predecessor, the AP-2, and promotes quick changes, less downtime, and a more user-friendly experience.

Another effort toward this trend is to reduce the complexity of the machine so that it is easier to troubleshoot and get back to work. Instead of using intricate circuit boards, top brands are installing easier control panels that even novice users can use with some know-how. If you get a machine from our Intech Store, you can always call our experts to get to the bottom of the issue or request real-time help.

New Companies; New Products

Rising stars like Akurate Dynamics are offering new and innovative products to address common SPF contractor issues. For example, the FSP Stick by Akurate Dynamics is a next-gen fluid supply to the proportioner system that is specifically made to reduce downtime by keeping the material viscous and ready for application. Its pressure and temperature gauge give additional support for monitoring the quality of material so that contractors can spot problems early. This system is compatible with all spray foam machine brands and is a valuable addition to decrease stress on the job.

Companies like these also innovate on traditional spray foam machines to create their own products that address ratio problems. Akurate Dynamics has also created a revolutionary heated hose that allows temperature control and monitoring in several sections so that the quality of material stays consistent even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Integration with Smartphones

It’d be difficult to ignore the presence of smartphones and tablets in a world that is depending more on technology. Sometimes, leaders can’t always stay on one job site to make sure the work is done. But having advanced app control over machines and to receive real-time reports on proportioner performance and output makes all the difference. Graco’s Reactor 2 line offers this solution with their Graco InSite application that enables contractors to see exactly what is going on at all times. This reporting technology also makes it easier to spot the source of the problem.

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