Where to Find Top-Quality Spray Foam Equipment

In today’s digital world, you can find countless distributors with spray foam equipment for sale with just a few clicks or swipes. But in this sea of online searches, you’ll find many sources of differing value. Results range from individuals trying to sell used spray foam equipment on social media to vendors that sell everything from one massive warehouse.

How do you discern who you should buy from to ensure that your money goes toward a good investment? More importantly, how can you protect your business financially by finding a reputable vendor? Here is how to decide where to find the best spray foam equipment that will help you reach your contracting needs.

1. Look for real-world experience.

The first thing you should find out is if the distributor has customer service agents that know what they are talking about. The broader one’s inventory becomes, the chances are lower that the company has deep knowledge about every item. A business that focuses solely on spray foam applications and the best equipment for the job is ideal.

At our Intech Store, you can find a carefully selected inventory of spray foam equipment and accessories that customer representatives can explain based on their actual experiences in the spray foam business. You can talk about different models of spray foam machines, which spray gun is going to serve your needs the best, and even find replacement parts for a piece of equipment that you need to repair. Ask for the same depth of knowledge from a store with a broad multi-industry inventory, and you may not have the same results.

2. Look for fast shipping and service.

Before you buy a piece of spray foam equipment, check to see how quickly your items can get to you. If you buy from an online auction or private sale, there is no true guarantee besides a tracking number that the item is coming your way. Also, the timeline for when the item will be shipped to you is not based on any company standard.

When you buy from another provider, they may offer to ship, but they may have just one warehouse in the continental United States. If you happen to be close to the warehouse, you can get lucky and have the item shipped to you quickly. However, if you’re at the opposite end of the country, it can take days for the much-needed equipment to reach you, which can slow down operations and cause delays in your schedule.

Moreover, access to in-person help may be impossible if you are located far from the business’s main hub. To avoid these unknown factors and inconveniences, pick a spray foam distributor, like Intech, that has multiple locations throughout the country so you get your items quickly and get great assistance from someone who lives in your timezone. This can involve in-person help for setting up and using new equipment. Intech Equipment meets these critical standards to maximize customer satisfaction and productivity.

3. Look for legitimate return policies and warranties.

It’s important to work with someone who is going to guarantee that the equipment works— and have policies that don’t leave you high and dry if it doesn’t. As you scout the various places you can buy spray from equipment from, you will notice varying levels of “safety” when it comes to aspects like:

  • Return policies
  • Warranties
  • Getting solid advice on purchases

If the vendor cannot guarantee a satisfactory amount of post-purchase protection for buying new spray foam equipment, it is best to look elsewhere. Check to see if a warranty and good return policy is offered to protect you against expensive repairs when the fault is not your own. Also, a company that has experts who can help you make the right purchase will ensure that you make the right decision the first time to minimize your chances of returning items. These three aspects work together to protect you from losing money from a purchase that isn’t right for your business, or from the chance of an unforeseen equipment malfunction.

4. Look for great service!

A company may have all the right know-how and shipping speed, but if the customer service is rude, standoffish, or in a rush to get you off the phone, it isn’t the spray foam distributor for you. You need customer service that is patient, understanding, and willing to take the time to get you the products you need or help you resolve a problem with your existing spray foam equipment.

Spray Foam Equipment For Sale

Though you can find spray foam equipment in many places, there are few providers who can advise you correctly. This experience is why you should buy from Intech Equipment and Supply.

Contact us for the best advice on spray foam equipment for sale in the US.