Why Graco Spray Equipment is Trusted

SPF contractors who want the best results must use equipment that uses the best insulation technology. The spray foam business is still relatively new, with SPF insulation taking the lead over fiberglass in the past few decades. As more homeowners and businesses recognize the long-term benefits in costs and the structural integrity that SPF insulation provides, more individuals choose to invest in it.

To meet the market’s demands, more manufacturers are getting on board with creating SPF equipment, while established brands continue to perfect their craft. When it comes to quality spray guns, machines, and accessories, the experienced contractor reaches for Graco spray foam equipment. Here is why this brand is trusted over others in this competitive industry.

Been in business for over 90 years

Practice makes perfect, so it makes sense that a company with over 90 years of experience in the fluid handling industry is going to have SPF products that work. Today Graco is proud to be one of the top manufacturers of spray foam equipment.

Founded in 1926 by the Gray brothers, Graco, which was formerly called the Gray Company, originally just manufactured lubrication equipment. Over time, the company changed their named to Graco and expanded to produce industrial equipment, leading to the first airless sprayer, which revolutionized the way we paint. In the early 2000s, Graco also manufactured the first Reactor™ proportioner that could apply 2-component foams, polyurea, and epoxies.

Over time, Graco has fine-tuned their spray foam machines and guns to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the spray foam industry. Having been involved in a diverse range of industries that range from car paint, wall textures, peanut butter pumps, to ink printing, Graco has used their expertise across different fields to improve all their products.

A Modern Scope

What do today’s spray foam contractors need? To find out, you need to ask the hard-working SPF contractor. Graco has taken feedback from their customers seriously and used it to solve some long-standing problems in the spray foam industry.

Graco has answered the need for remote digital reporting and control solutions. Traditional machines must be attended to in-person, which restricts operators to one location. This can become a challenge if there is more than one job happening at once.

The Graco InSite and Reactor apps, which allows operators to check on their machine’s progress and control it from their smartphones, are just the beginning of intelligent SPF equipment. This type of remote technology makes Graco spray equipment solutions as modern as it gets.

Great Company Values

While Graco aims to make spray foam equipment for today’s modern contractor, it has always kept the classic method that works for a thriving business: great products and excellent customer service. Both these strengths are tied to the company’s values.

  • Great products: Graco has been built on the concept that meticulous manufacturing and great engineering result in long-lasting products. As a result, you’ll find everything from entry-level pneumatic machines to heavy-duty proportioners like the Graco H-50 that can handle massive industrial spray foam work— all engineered with the highest standards.
  • Exceptional customer service: Without customers, there is no business, so it’s important to keep the needs of customers front and center. Because Graco keeps clients happy with excellent product support and warranties, spray foam contractors continue to buy Graco equipment confidently.

Graco’s company values create a masterful formula for satisfied repeat clients— which keeps their company strong. This excellent business sense is the embodiment of the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The Gray brothers’ old-fashioned values of putting the customer first is something that will never go out of style.

A Stable Company

Graco is a stable company with almost 100 years of experience working with customers and making solutions for various industries. When a company has been around for decades, you can count on it to be there for years to come. If your machine or spray foam gun needs troubleshooting a few years after you buy it, you can be confident that Graco will be around to help you answer questions or provide replacement parts. When you buy your Graco equipment from our Intech store, you can gain even more benefits such as our excellent team of spray foam experts who are only a phone call away.

Graco Spray Equipment For Sale

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