2020 List of Best Spray Foam Rig Recommendations

The new year is a great time to re-assess your fleet of spray foam equipment to see what to improve or replace.  If you bought quality equipment, this annual refresh might just involve some simple tune-ups and part replacement. But if your equipment is nearing the end of its manufacturer-recommended lifespan, or it’s just not working as it used to, it’s time to look at making an upgrade this year.

Switching out equipment for newer critical pieces like proportioners and spray guns will take a lot of stress out of the job. This year, especially, there are great products available. Designs that make a contractor’s life easier. These products aim to reduce downtime, reduce the amount of maintenance required, and make troubleshooting easy with smart technology.

What are the best spray foam rig recommendations for 2020?

Ring in the New Year with New Upgrades

New and seasoned contractors can benefit from a new spray foam refresh or purchase. If you’re starting out fresh, give us a call and we can start a conversation about your needs and typical workload. This will give us a good idea about what type of spray foam rigs would be appropriate for your business.

Spray foam rigs can range from a compact rig to a large box truck. Contractors who have been in business for a while may already have a  box truck or trailer that is still in good shape, but the equipment inside may need some touch-ups or replacements. That’s why we’re here. We are experts at helping contractors of all different situations, and we are happy to help you reach the level of productivity that you desire.

Best Spray Foam Rigs for 2020

Getting your own self-contained, one-stop unit for all your spray foam needs is crucial for having an efficient business. These are our new 2020 rigs.

  • 2020 7×14 trailer: This entry-level spray foam rig is a great starter set to get your operations rolling. Its default settings come with a Graco E20 proportioner, Fusion AP gun, 3HP Rolair compressor, 100ft shore power cord, and other vital components that you need on hand.
  • 2020 Mobile Starter Spray Foam Rig: An excellent starter rig, it is priced just right and ready to ship from our Arkansas location. This 8.5’ x 16’ trailer comes with a PMC PH-2 that has a flow output of up to 28lbs per minute, ultra-lightweight PMC AP-3 Gun, 5 HP Industrial Compressor, E-Track Drum Restraint System, 200ft Heated Hose with a 2000 PSI Rating, 7- drawer toolbox with worktop, safety equipment, and so much more. This turnkey system will ensure that you have everything you need for a long and productive day.
  • Intech classic spray foam rig favorites: We carry customizable rigs that are repeat client pleasers including the classic contractor E20 Rig, the Interstate E-30 Reactor 2 diesel spray foam rig, and the pro-series spray foam rig. All these can be altered to your requirements and given specific adjustments to meet your contracting goals.
  • Pick your replacements: If you do not need to replace all your equipment, ask us about the new models of generators, compressors, proportioners, spray guns, hoses, storage solutions, replacement parts, and other innovations on the market. You’ll be surprised to see what is available since you last outfitted your rig. Have some fun as you explore the possibility of buying a new Graco Reactors that allow you to control and monitor your proportioner with your smartphone.
  • For the cost-conscious: If a replacement or expansion cannot wait, check out our stock of used spray foam rigs and equipment. Ask us to integrate some used equipment in your rig as well to cut down on costs.

2020 Best Spray Foam Rigs For Sale

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Contact us. We’d love to talk with you about your spray foam equipment, rigs, and accessory needs.