What Do You Need in Your Spray Foam Truck for Roofing?

What Do You Need in Your Spray Foam Truck For Roofing?

At Intech Equipment and supply, we know what roofing contractors need in their spray foam truck. Whether they need to perform a minor touch up or work all day on a high-volume coating job, contractors need dependable products to complete their projects on time. We recommend products from top brands like Graco and PMC for their dependability and great reviews from real customers. We also carry accessories and sprayers from other manufacturers that also perform great in the field like Red Dragon.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop that has everything you need to get started on coating your next roof with SPF, look no further. Here are a few pieces of equipment you need in your spray foam truck.

Roofing Equipment Needs

Spray foam roofing contractors need industry-specific equipment to meet the unique demands of SPF roofing applications. For the typical roofing insulation job, contractors need to evenly lay out polyurethane foam over the roof’s substrate and wait for the liquid to expand into a seamless foam that is about 1.5 inches thick. Then, contractors must coat the SPF with a protective layer of acrylic or elastomeric silicone coating to guard it against moisture, heat, sun, fire, and impacts. Both processes require a proportioner, spray foam gun, and additional sprayer, along with other SPF roofing accessories.

Proportioners for Roofing

Your proportioner is the main item you need in your spray foam rig. This sophisticated machine will heat and pressurize the polyol/resin and isocyanate from separate material drums and make them ready for mixing inside the spray foam gun. Here are a few proportioners that we recommend for roofing applications:

  • PMC’s PH-2 Proportioner is both affordable and user-friendly. Its rugged design and an easy-to-use electrical console that allows fast troubleshooting. 
  • Graco’s Gusmer® H-20/35 GH-2 Hydraulic proportioner is Graco’s classic, simple, yet durable machine with an impressive performance. Its affordable price also makes it an incredible value.
  • Graco’s Reactor® line of proportioners have been trusted for over 20 years as dependable machines for applying insulation on roofs. Right now, the Reactor 2 is the latest in this series. Also, an upgrade to track ratio balances is now available that can help prevent costly errors.

Roof Coating Guns

Contractors who apply spray foam to roofs need both precise guns to target joists and underneath of roofs to high volume areas that need to apply evenly. Graco recommends these spray foam guns for maximum precision and performance:

  • The Graco Fusion Air Purge Gun is a popular plural-component gun that can take care of many different types of spray foam jobs. It prevents clogging through its convenient air blast tip, reducing downtime, which is a common problem for spray foam guns. The Graco Fusion AP is a must-have for Graco roof coating rigs
  • The Graco GX-7 & GX-8 Guns are dependable and have great pattern control. They are well-suited for tough conditions, which is ideal for a roofing contractor who often works in unpredictable weather. Its best for low output, polyurethane, fast-set polyurea, and hybrid coatings.
  • The PMC PX-7 Spray Gun is a personal recommendation from the PMC brand. This gun is strong enough to handle tough roofing jobs. If you need a rugged gun that is going to last for years with consistent care, this should be your next purchase.

Sprayers For Roofing

Many SPF roofing applications require two-part coatings to protect the spray foam insulation from the sun, heat, moisture, and other hazards associated with constant exposure to the outdoors. You need an additional sprayer to apply a protective acrylic or elastomeric silicone coating with embedded granules to “seal the deal.” Here are a couple of spray guns that are often a good fit for a spray foam truck. These are also useful for applying primer before applying spray foam.

  • Graco XP Sprayers are user-friendly and provide a great spray quality that is on ratio. These sprayers are ideal for applying fast-curing materials. They also save you money by using less clean-up solvent. These high-quality sprayers can handle long hoses and high-viscosity coatings as well and are easy to maintain to boot and are rust and dent resistant.
  • Roofmaster Spraying Systems are also long-lasting and versatile. Many of our clients appreciate products like the Tripox Sprayr to apply light products like primers to a roof before applying spray foam.

Equipment for Your Spray Foam Truck for Roofing

At Intech Equipment and Supply, you can find everything you need to complete a roofing job. Our online store contains turnkey systems, replacement parts, accessories, guns, hoses, ladders, and any other component you could need to do the job safely and well.

Contact us to see how we can supply your roof insulation business.