Turbocharge Your Spray Foam Business With a Spray Foam Rig From Intech

If your spray foam business needs a boost, getting better equipment can set you on the right track. A spray foam rig from Intech Equipment and Supply can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. When it is time to turbocharge your spray foam business, consider replacing your old or faulty equipment with dependable spray foam machines and spray foam guns from world-class SPF manufacturers like Graco and PMC.

Intech’s Mobile Spray Foam Rig Solutions

You need the best equipment to take your business to the next level. We can build you a custom spray foam rig at our full-service facilities located in Arizona, California, Arkansas, and Texas. When we design your rig, we only use the best parts and supplies and create a layout based on how you work and the types of projects you do. Our experts have hands-on spray foam field experience. So we promise that you will love the result.

Upgrade to New Solutions

Many advancements have been made to make spray foam machines easier to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain during the past few years. The latest-generation spray foam guns are lighter, easier to clean and more user-friendly than ever. The newest spray foam machines connect to smartphone technology and have simple troubleshooting codes. New manufacturers like Carlisle have also created their own product lines that promise even faster startups and operation speeds.

Upgrade to a Faster System

In 2020, Carlisle released its IntelliSpray System. It is made out of durable, industrial-grade hardware and the IS40 Proportioner, ST1 Air Purge Gun, and QuickHeat Hose are user-friendly and reduce the risk of being off-ratio.

The IntelliSpray system addresses some common complaints contractors have while applying spray foam such as being off-ratio, needing more heat, and frequent interruptions for repairs. When used as an entire set, the IntelliSpray system can warm up in under 15 minutes, produce 5-15% higher yields, and save you up to 1 to 1.5 hours of labor per job. The IS40’s True Ratio Control feature allows greater than 99% ratio accuracy, and you can also monitor the system remotely using your smartphone.

Get a Custom Spray Foam Rig

The best way to maximize your business is to contact one of our experts to discuss your business goals. If the nature of your business has changed, you need to adapt your equipment to meet those needs. These are our three basic spray foam rig templates that can be easily customized to include the equipment of your choice.

  • The Classic Contractor: If you are budget-minded and in need of a solid entry-level rig, then this setup is for you. The Contractor Series can be towed behind any standard pickup without upgrading to a ¾- or 1-ton truck. This rig is ideal for contractors who spray up to two sets of spray foam per day. It is perfect for contractors who frequently insulate small areas like attics and room additions, and it can serve as a solid backup spray foam rig.
  • The Interstate: This professionally designed rig is suited for the 40+ hour workweek. Select the equipment package that meets your requirements, with everything from a PMC PH2 to Graco’s high-powered H-series reactors. Everything comes built in a premium-quality, 16-foot extended height trailer, and the system is ready to go upon delivery. This rig also includes complimentary factory training.
  • The Pro Series: When you need to produce extreme outputs, this spray foam rig can be customized to have a triple machine layout. Professional quality is evident throughout this rig, with its multi-zoned climate controls and a layout designed for optimal productivity.

For Tough Winters

If you work in an area where winters are long and cold, you know how important it is to keep spray foam insulation material at the right temperature. Gear like Powerblanket industrial heating equipment ensures everything operates smoothly. Its diverse selection of heating and curing blankets, industrial heaters, pipe heater wraps, diesel exhaust fluid tote heater systems, and other accessories will keep your spray foam rig and equipment at the right temperature for optimal operation.

Carlisle’s brand-new QuickHeat hose has a multizone design that preheats A & B materials separately. This hose also has embedded heater wires that float in the fluid stream to achieve over 100 F DeltaT. You will not wait for this hose to heat spray foam insulation materials to the right temperature for spraying.

Spray Foam Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply offers the latest spray foam equipment, training, and comprehensive customer support. If you are interested in spray foam rigs for sale, speak with one of our experts today, and be sure to ask about our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Our team is ready to meet your unique equipment and accessory needs. Contact us.