What To Look Out For When Buying Used Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

Used spray foam insulation equipment offers contractors significant savings. However, this benefit can easily become an added expense if you buy faulty equipment that breaks down frequently or requires constant maintenance. If you plan on buying used spray foam insulation equipment from a private seller, there are many factors to consider to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

However, it is a better idea to acquire used spray foam insulation equipment from an authorized distributor with a good reputation in the industry. When you buy used equipment from a supplier like Intech Equipment and Supply, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible quality because we check all used spray foam insulation equipment for functionality and verify maintenance history. We never list anything we would not use ourselves. To demonstrate why it is better to work with an authorized distributor, these are some of the many things you need to check when you buy used equipment on your own from a private seller.

1: Check for hardened materials.

The number one problem with a used spray foam insulation equipment is it may have been sitting idle long enough for materials to harden. This is why it is important to check all components for hardened isocyanate materials. This includes hoses, spray foam guns, and all other parts of a rig. The longer the rig has been idle, the higher the chance that the A-side materials could develop moisture and crystallize, which can lock up the system. Check the hoses from the transfer pump to the machine. If you hear any kind of cracking or popping when you bend them, there are hardened materials inside the hose.

2: Check the generator and air compressor for compatibility.

The air compressor and energy source, such as the generator, must have enough capacity to handle the equipment within the rig. If the used rig has been set up with other equipment that was suitable for these capacities, this is not a problem. However, if you plan on buying a new machine to put in the used rig, it is especially important to check the specs of these components.

Be sure the generator is powerful enough to run your equipment. This can be challenging if you have a more advanced unit. For this reason, Intech experts are happy to recommend power sources that are suitable for your spray foam machine.

3: Check used spray foam insulation equipment for sale.

The spray foam machine is the major driver behind your entire operation. So you need to be sure it is working efficiently. Here are a few things to look out for when inspecting used spray foam insulation equipment for sale. Please note that all parts may not apply to the model in question.

  • Check the bearings on the connecting rod and gearbox on the A and B side to rule out wear and tear.
  • Check the pump loop system to be sure it is not gummed up or clogged with hardened material.
  • Bend the return lines that go from the machine to the drums to ensure there is no cracking or popping. If you hear any of these sounds, they need to be replaced.

4: Check the spray hose for buildup.

The spray hose sends insulation materials to the gun and needs to be in optimal condition for best results. Check the scuff jacket for wear and tear, the condition of the hose, and any of the heating wires within the hose for functionality. The hose on the A-side has a high chance of being locked up with isocyanate if it has been sitting idle for too long. Ask the owner when the rig was used last and if the hose was flushed with solvent after use.

5: Check the spray foam gun.

The condition of the spray foam gun is also important. If you can, take the gun apart and look at all the components. Check to see if the inside of the gun has been damaged–especially if it has been sitting idle. Ask the owner how often it has been cleaned and if it has been on a regular maintenance schedule. If you have any doubt, it is better to get a new spray foam gun.

6: Give the equipment a test run.

When it comes to used spray foam insulation equipment for sale, there is no shame in asking to try before you buy. You can schedule a live chat with the owner and watch them operate the rig to prove its functionality or schedule an on-site appointment to verify that the equipment works. A true test will last longer than just a few minutes. In fact, a good test run can last around four hours. This gives you enough time to verify if there is any buildup in the spray gun’s screen and if there is buildup in the hoses.

Used Spray Foam Equipment for Sale At Intech Equipment & Supply

When you buy used equipment from Intech Equipment and Supply, you will not need to worry about going through these steps. We do all the checking and functionality tests to guarantee the equipment works.

If you are interested in used spray foam insulation equipment for sale, speak with our customer support team today. Take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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