Why Do More SPF Contractors Trust Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment?

Experienced contractors know that using top-of-the-line equipment is key to delivering consistent results. When your spray foam machines, guns, and hoses all work in sync, you benefit from maximum uptime and properly-processed materials and produce the quality of applications that you need. To meet client demands on job sites, SPF equipment must be capable of covering a lot of area uniformly and enable contractors to reach tight, hard-to-reach areas with precision.

Contractors tend to trust industry leaders when they purchase spray foam equipment, parts and accessories. The award-winning Carlisle spray foam system has much to offer contractors and is now available through Intech Equipment and Supply. This is why more SPF contractors trust Carlisle spray foam equipment and why you should consider it when you need to upgrade your rig.

#1: Carlisle Combines Corporate Stability with Industry Expertise.

Carlisle was founded in 1917, has over 100 years of experience in the construction industry. In 2017, it acquired Accella Performance Materials, which was the creator of the largest independent polyurethane systems house in North America. This acquisition combines the industry expertise of Accella and the corporate stability of Carlisle, which has long been a global leader in commercial and industrial building products.

By rebranding Accella as a new business unit called Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI), Carlisle leverages Accella’s deep knowledge in the premier specialty polyurethane sector and its own portfolio of spray foam brands, including, Premium Spray Products, QuadFoam, and BaySeal.

Carlisle applies deep technical know-how to all its acquisitions, and its reputation as a global brand also enhances the visibility of the products. This ensures high-quality products as well as good sales support and strong brand awareness.

#2: Carlisle Knows Spray Foam

Under the acquisition, Accella’s high-end spray foam was consolidated into one family called SealTite, which many SPF contractors hold in high regard. The premium SealTite line offers open- and closed-cell insulation with high R-values per inch that make buildings comfortable and provide stable indoor temperatures. With its deep knowledge of quality spray foam materials, the next step was to develop the IntelliSpray System, Carlisle’s state-of-the-art spray foam system.

When a company makes good spray foam insulation, it knows what caliber of equipment is needed to process and apply it correctly. As a result of going above and beyond with spray foam materials, the company was more than equipped to develop Carlisle spray foam equipment. The IntelliSpray system contains the IS40 Intellispray Proportioner, the ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun, and QuickHeat Hose. When used together, these components help contractors increase application yields and reduce material costs.

#3: Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment Has Won Awards.

The IntelliSpray system, which includes the IS40 Proportioner, ST1 spray foam gun, and the QuickHeat Hose, has already received rave reviews from spray foam experts. The ST1’s ergonomic design was the winner of the A’ Design Award Competition in the Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Category, for 2019-2020.

The spray gun’s winged-handle design is contoured to the human hand to facilitate easy application and minimize user fatigue. At a weight of only 2.38 pounds, it smaller, lighter, and more compact than the competition.

#4: The IntelliSpray System Makes Sense.

The other two components of the Intellispray system are made to work seamlessly with the ST1 Carlisle spray foam gun. The IS40’s intelligent features include ratio control and assurance, automatic shutdown if materials are off-ratio, improved pressure control, and intuitive touch-screen operation. 

The QuickHeat Hose heats materials up to 50% faster, which means operators can get to work faster. It communicates seamlessly with the IS40 proportioner and provides temperature and pressure control for optimal results. It also reduces the need to preheat and recirculate materials because the internal heater wire enables over 90°F of system DeltaT in the hose.

Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment At Intech Equipment & Supply

The IntelliSpray system helps contractors complete jobs successfully the first time and equips them with the power, consistency, speed, and accuracy they need to thrive in a competitive industry. If you are interested in purchasing Carlisle spray foam equipment for your rig, contact our technical experts today. Please also remember that you can take advantage of our convenient financing options until December 2020. For more information, check out our financing calculator.