Top 5 Things You Need for the Best Spray Foam Rig

By Kevin Malone

Making a living in the dynamic spray foam industry can be challenging. Not only do you need to keep your business running smoothly in terms of income and expenses, but you must continually monitor the performance of the equipment in your spray foam rigto ensure it is meeting your needs.

Since business needs change as you acquire new clients, expand, or downsize, you must be well equipped with the best spray foam rig for your current needs, whatever they are. What worked for you five years ago may not be the right fit for your business now. Here are the top five things you need to consider when you buy spray foam rigequipment.

1. Assess Your Current Needs

Whether you are starting your own business or have run a company for years, it is important to evaluate your typical workflow, finances, and other operations regularly. Get an overall picture of the type of work your clients need and check to see if your spray foam rig or fleet of spray foam rigs is meeting your demands. If your business has grown, it may be time to buy new equipment or upgrade the type of equipment you use.? If the type of work you do has shifted from industrial to residential, consider selling your high-output machine and acquire a mid-output model instead.

2. The Right Type of Spray Foam Machine

An air-driven, mid-output machine may have been serving you well. However, after speaking with some potential commercial clients, you might find that you need more power and output to be awarded the types of jobs that you want. This means you should consider investing in a more powerful spray foam rig that is outfitted with equipment that is compatible with a high-output machine like the PMC PH-40. Hydraulic machines like this have more power than air-driven or electric machines. So they are vital additions to a rig that serves industrial or commercial clients.

3. Spray Foam Guns That Work well

If you have been settling for spray foam guns that clog or have other maintenance problems, then it is time to upgrade to more dependable products. When you can use your spray foam gun with confidence and troubleshoot with ease, you save time and achieve better results.

Ergonomically designed spray foam guns like the new Carlisle ST1 Spray Gun and PMC AP-3 were manufactured with a contractor's needs in mind. The Carlisle ST1 has quick-change mix tips for precision and consistency and an intuitive design that is easy to service. This increases versatility and reduces overspray build-up. Also, the AP-3 is the lightest air purge gun in the industry and is designed to reduce user fatigue. Products like these make completing jobs easy with few interruptions and get high user satisfaction ratings.

4. Heated Hoses of the Correct Length.

Hoses can make the difference between a job well done and the need for a 'do-over.' So investing in one that keeps your materials in peak condition is key to your success. You should also assess what length you need for your typical jobs so that you never lack access to your worksite. Graco and PMC both offer hoses of different lengths that are compatible with their machines.

Also, the Akurate Dynamics' Deltalite Hose is a life-saver in cold regions where having control of each heated segment is critical. Carlisle's Quickheat Hose also boasts improved process control by communicating seamlessly with the IS40 Proportioner to ensure accurate temperature and pressure control. Its internal heater wire enables over 90?F of system DeltaT in the hose, which reduces the need for preheating and recirculation. In addition, it heats up quickly, which reduces warmup time by 50% compared to typical hoses.

5. Extra Materials and Parts

Never go to a job site unprepared! Even the most careful plan can go awry when you least expect it. While you can always call our technical support team for help, we recommend that you keep extra parts, materials, and accessories in your spray foam rig to make jobs run smoothly. Simple troubleshooting and maintenance can be easy when you have the right parts and accessories on hand. You should also keep tools, lubricants, and clean up items in your spray foam rig to stay organized and be prepared for the unexpected.

Bonus: Be Prepared for Touch-Ups.

While it is important to have just what you need, it is also wise to be prepared for touchups. While spray foam kits are convenient, you can save money by including a small machine like the PHX-1600 for touch-ups in your spray foam rig. This machine can also do small-scale applications in a pinch.

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