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By Kevin Malone

The use of spray foam insulation is making construction more efficient because it is easier to apply than traditional insulation. It is also popular because of its energy-saving qualities. With energy-consciousness on the rise, tighter project schedules, and heightened demand for skilled workers, the demand for high-quality, efficient spray foam insulation equipment is increasing. The spray foam industry has also seen an unprecedented increase in the need to make the application of SPF insulation more affordable, which requires faster turnover and the ensured accuracy of applications.

If you need to purchase a spray foam insulation machine be sure to choose one that fits your modern business needs. The Intech customer support team consists of experts who have worked in the spray foam industry. So, they can help you choose a system that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Here are 5 tips you should follow when buying spray foam insulation equipment.

1: Get The Right Equipment

You must first determine how you typically use your equipment and what types of projects you normally work on. Here are some general questions you can ask yourself.

  • Do you mainly do commercial roofing? If so, you need a powerful spray foam insulation machine such as the PMC PH-40 that can apply spray foam and roof coating materials at high volumes. This kind of machine produces results that stand up to extreme weather and gives excellent insulation results. Spray foam machines for commercial roofing projects should also be able to apply closed-cell spray foam that is resistant to high winds and provide both insulation and extra weatherproofing power.
  • Do you do mostly residential work? In residential applications, you use both open-cell and closed-cell foam in a variety of situations. Closed-cell foam adds structural integrity to wood frames, includes waterproofing elements, and helps prevent pests from entering a home. Intech offers many versatile mid-output spray foam insulation machines such as the Graco E-20 that can apply the materials you need at the moderate volume required for residential jobs.
  • Do you often get slab jacking requests? You can lift concrete efficiently with spray foam machines and guns that are designed to handle the rigors of lifting and stabilizing heavy materials. In addition, closed-cell spray foam can block radon which has been linked to cancer and other health problems. This benefit and the bonus of subfloor insulation are among the reasons why this type of application will continue to be in demand.

2: Get The Right Machine for Your Output

Just as you need equipment that is suited for the type of SPF work you do, you should also consider the volume of material that you apply. There is no need to get a high-volume machine if you normally work on small commercial and residential projects. Conversely, a small, entry-level machine is not suitable for large projects that require a powerful hydraulic spray foam insulation machine. When you buy equipment that meets your needs and is within your budget, you can complete projects efficiently and on time, which will help you grow your business.

3: Choose the Right Type of Rig

Spray foam rigs make your setup and takedown more convenient. They also help you work more quickly and efficiently. It is important to pick the right type to grow your business. As you shop for rigs, you have three general choices:

  • Towable trailer - This is the most popular type of rig with contractors because it is available in various sizes. Since it is pulled by a truck, you can switch vehicles without business interruption if your vehicle needs servicing.
  • Mini trailer- This is a small towable trailer that is well-suited for small scale applications. It is also a good starter rig and can be an excellent supplement to an existing rig.
  • Box truck- When you need spray foam insulation equipment with maximum power and space, get a box truck. This has the vehicle and storage component fused into one unit. So, it is a popular choice for full-time, high-volume SPF contractors.

4: Ask About Parts Availability

If you want to keep your equipment long-term, maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting are inevitable. Get equipment from a manufacturer with a good reputation such as PMC or Graco to ensure you will always be able to buy replacement parts. More experts are familiar with known brands, which will help if your equipment needs to be repaired. Also, check to see if your spray foam insulation machine can use OEM parts in case you are ever in a bind. The more options you have, the better off you will be if you have a problem.

5: Get Backup for Small Jobs and Touch-Ups

If you work on projects that require a lot of touch-up work and you only have high-output spray foam insulation equipment, you should consider purchasing a spray foam kit or small spray foam insulation machine such as the PMC PFX-1600. You can also find excellent touch-up kits like the Touch and Seal Kit U2-600 in the Intech online store.

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