5 Tips for Operating a Commercial Spray Foam Proportioner

By Kevin Malone

When you own a proportioner, operating it properly is important to maximize its life and to stay on schedule. By following the best practices for maintenance and use, you'll get the most out of your investment and enjoy your commercial spray foam equipment.

Here are 5 tips from the experts at Intech about operating your commercial spray foam proportioner:

1: Run Only One Gun off a Single Proportioner.

Many contractors try to save time and money and run two guns off one proportioner. This isn't a good practice. Though it's possible to have two guns connected to one proportioner, this practice has more risks than rewards. Overall, you won't have control of the pressure and flow for either gun when they're connected to the same machine. 

Unless all conditions are perfect, the ratio of pressure will be uneven, causing you to lose control. Therefore, the effort to save money by running two guns off one proportioner often backfires by causing more downtime and need for maintenance. If you want to run two guns at once, then you will need one portioner for each gun.

2. Maintain the Right PSI & Temperature.

It's important to operate the proportioner at the right pressure and psi. This is especially important during different seasons in which the weather can affect the temperature of your spray foam. Overall, you want to stick to 125 degrees and 1,000 psi at the gun and at the proportioner.

If you have any concerns about your spray foam insulation equipment  being powerful enough to keep the temperature distribution between your proportioner and gun even, ask the experts at Intech for help. Ultimately, you will have the best spray foam results when conditions are stable.

3. Be Equipped for Your Climate.

Being able to handle the weather is integral for long-term success as a contractor. For example, if you operate mainly in warm temperatures, your rig needs a high-temperature air dryer. This tool will cool down the incoming air and remove moisture to prevent crystallization. Select a dryer with a higher inlet temperature of around 225?F so that it can still work even in extremely hot weather conditions. 

Drum heaters can help keep your spray foam components from getting too cold in harsh winters. If you live in an area where temperatures in the winter are consistently below freezing, investing in heaters that evenly warm your barrels can help you save money on spray foam waste. 

In our store, we carry the Powerblanket BH55RR, which eliminates both hot and cold spots in 55-gallon steel and poly drums. These products enable you to stay productive even during the coldest of winters.

4: Use Machines That Make Troubleshooting Easy.

The reality is that unexpected snags will happen on the job. When they do, you want a machine that can help you get back to work quickly. To reduce chances for errors and delays, your commercial spray foam insulation equipment should be easy to maintain. 

The Graco Reactor 2-E30 is one example of a proportioner that has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to restore to working order. Its data reporting and internal parts are easily accessible so that you can identify issues more quickly than with a standard machine. 

Top brands are continually innovating on their machines to make troubleshooting easy, from making proportioners with open-framed designs and point-to-point wiring. 

5. Putting Safety First.

Before you start another job, you should make sure that you can use your commercial spray foam insulation equipment safely. Is your gear up to current industry safety standards? Are your ladders and scaffolds secure and in good condition? 

To protect your machine and other equipment, install a breakaway brake on your trailer so that trailer hitch failures won't result in a runaway trailer. This small tweak can prevent a life-changing injury or death. Additional items like a spare tire for your rig, fire extinguishers, an emergency eyewash station, water bottles, and a first aid kit are also essential to keep everyone safe on the job.

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