9 Best Spray Foam Guns for Professional Contractors in 2024

By Kevin Malone

Is it time for a new spray foam gun? If you find yourself fatigued at the end of the day, constantly having to take time to rebuild your equipment, or worried about whether your spray foam guns will make it through the next project, it is time. With that in mind, here are the nine best spray foam guns for professional contractors in the market in 2024 in no particular order.

Graco Fusion PC Gun

The Fusion PC gun maximizes spraying uptime by revolutionizing fluid section rebuilds. The proven ProConnect design condenses the entire replaceable fluid system into a single pre-tested cartridge. So, instead of rebuilding individual seals and O-rings, operators can now revive a worn-out gun with a perfect factory rebuild in just seconds, keeping more rigs on the job.

By only stocking universal cartridges rather than a complex inventory of parts, field service, and troubleshooting are drastically simplified.

Graco Fusion AP Round Guns

Specially designed for foam insulation and roofing crews, the user-friendly Fusion AP draws on decades of Graco engineering expertise. Its rounded handles optimize grip comfort across long workdays. Despite robust metal bodies that withstand harsh job site conditions, they maintain responsive, feather-touch triggers to prevent hand strains.

Solvent-proof O-rings enable full-submersion cleaning and inhibit swelling. Quick access ports simplify routine maintenance, like switching spray tips and clearing material clogs. Multiple specialized tips ship with each unit to match diverse viscosity fluids or achieve desired spray shapes, from wide round patterns to narrow precision bands—no accessory purchase is needed.

PMC XTREME Spray Foam Gun

The PMC Xtreme sets a new benchmark for reliability by enduring up to 60 complete material set sprays per mixing chamber/seal service cycle—more than double its previous foam gun sprayer benchmarks.

Its reinforced trigger promotes smooth, consistent foam flow, and an internal spring-loaded check valve prevents potential handle leaks. This simplified design operates via fewer moving parts prone to failure, significantly boosting uptime. Contractors save money through both reduced gun purchases and less accessories consumption while also benefiting from enhanced performance.

Graco GX7 A – 1/90 Spray Foam Gun

Trusted Graco internals mean proven mixing and spray quality for trouble-free foam applications. A variable air cap purge automatically clears potential tip clogs to keep material flowing optimally. Special non-stick filters Separate A and B intakes to eliminate cross-contamination in spray foam during routine cleanings.

An angled gun stock creates natural wrist alignment for reduced operator effort. This gun also withstands solvent baths and boasts corrosion-resistant exterior components despite heavy site use.

Graco Probler P2

The comfortable Probler P2 gun minimizes user fatigue and maintains high productivity. Its lightweight composite body maneuvers easily into tight spaces while the easy-squeeze trigger saves hands during long spraying sessions.

Cleaning remains simple thanks to foolproof color-coded screens and filters preventing intake mix-ups. Special built-in valves halt any potential material crossover within the gun body for less post-job maintenance. Consistency also shines—advanced circulation ensures properly mixed fluids across changing environmental conditions.

PMC AP-2 Spray Foam Gun

PMC upgraded this low-cost air purge gun market with the AP-2’s patented separate chamber and interchangeable tip orifice design for unlimited spray pattern flexibility without typical round/flat tip compromises.

Its lightweight, ergonomic frame allows effortless maneuverability into tight spaces while an anti-stick coating prevents messy post-job cleanups. Robust components such as solvent-resistant O-rings withstand full-submersion rinsing and maximize longevity, while multi-direction purge ports keep tips clog-free all shift long. Despite premium features, the value-driven AP-2 keeps user costs at an absolute minimum.

Graco Fusion CS Gun

Simplify cleaning and upkeep with the user-friendly Fusion CS gun platform.

This gun’s ground-breaking disposable Clear Shot fluid cartridges condense seals, chambers, and valves into a single maintenance-free unit that is swapped each shift for fresh performance. Without time-intensive disassembly and scrubbing, more time stays allocated to spraying instead of maintenance.

Integrated check valves halt any potential material crossover contamination within the gun body—exclusively possible with this cartridge design. Fan width adjustability even allows matching specialized round or flat tips to meet individual user comfort and precision needs.

PMC PX 7 Spray Foam Gun

The PX-7’s integrated valving rod mechanically cleans mixed material after each trigger pull, eliminating air purging and harsh flushing solvents. This removes the primary cause of wear by preventing cured buildup, allowing unprecedented chamber lifespan to restore factory performance in seconds between shots.

Robust manufacturing, like precision-machined steel components and an ultra-hard stainless body, prevents cracking or leaks even under high 3000+ PSI pressures. Special one-piece solid valves mean no seals or O-ring failures, while advanced impingement mixing ensures a perfect blend with any supplying rig.

Carlisle ST1 Air Purge Spray Foam Gun

The Carlisle ST1 is 10% lighter than most other models, enabling operators to spray longer with consistent results. Its ergonomic handle shifts the load from fingers to arms via a supportive wing design, and the hand strap top helps avoid fatigue in big jobs.

Multiple optimized mix chambers deliver ideal foam flow rates and spray patterns for any job. Interchangeable tips allow swift switching between high-volume coverage and precise application modes right on-site. The modular configuration speeds maintenance by allowing single-tool disassembly and swappable components to minimize downtime.

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About Kevin Malone
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