Advancements in Spray Foam Insulation Machines

By Kevin Malone

As technology becomes more sophisticated across every industry, the spray foam world continues to see new advancements in its equipment. If you're looking for spray foam insulation machine for sale, this is a good year to find something smart and efficient. More contractors are discovering the convenience of controlling their spray foam machines remotely, the joy of using easy interfaces, and the peace of mind that automated features give.

Spray foam insulation equipment has advanced to become more convenient and easy for contractors of all levels of expertise. What are some of the most in-demand advancements that our clients love? Check out some of these favorite modern solutions ? all of which you can find at Intech Equipment and Supply.

Everything About Carlisle Fluid Technologies

When we talk about spray foam insulation advancements, it is impossible to leave out the name 'Carlisle.' This newcomer in the industry offers solutions to some of spray foam contractors' top problems, like being off ratio, not getting enough heat, frequent repairs, or complicated setups. The IntelliSpray system, which comprises the IS40 proportioner, QuickHeat hose, and ST1 spray foam gun, offers simplicity and time-saving solutions.

In particular, the user interface for the IS40 stands out as a noteworthy advancement. While other brands also offer user-friendly interfaces on their newest SPF machines, Carlisle has taken user-friendliness to the highest level. The generous interface, which is larger than the standard tablet, displays helpful information. Here are a few of its convenient features.

  • Training videos to help the user master the machine's functionalities.
  • Sensor-powered troubleshooting tells you exactly where to find and fix problems ? making it easier to get back to work quickly.
  • Displays are structured like a typical phone app so it is easy to navigate and find information.
  • Intuitive pull-down menus that make it even easier to monitor the machine's performance on one screen.
  • The ability to record and store data of each job and access it via the app or interface.

This type of interface is the future of spray foam insulation machines, capitalizing on a general trend of simpler, larger interfaces. Years ago, machines had smaller interfaces and less intuitive controls, which frustrated contractors. This need prompted brands like Carlisle, Graco, and PMC to create larger displays and smart controls that save time and make the day easier. What types of screens will we see on spray foam machines in the years to come? Overall, we expect more of the large displays and user-friendly functionality.

Automation Is the New Normal

Another trend has everything to do with making jobs more efficient for contractors. Automated features like automatic shutdown for incorrect ratios, temperatures, and pressure levels are now expected of a modern spray foam machine. After all, if you do not have to closely monitor so many details, you have more time to focus on the quality of your job. These are some of the automated features of our top brands.

  • Carlisle's IS40 spray foam machine has automated settings for startup, shutdown, and material changes. There are also settings for precise ratio control and a quicker heating process for the A and B materials.
  • PMC's new PHD and PHDX-2 spray foam machines integrate modern solutions like data tracking. Users will also be alerted when routine maintenance is recommended through the interface.
  • Graco's improved Reactor 2 line, which includes the Reactor 2 E-30, is equipped with automated features like the Reactor 2 Ratio Assurance System, which closely monitors the materials to ensure they are 'on ratio for the best possible results.

An Even Better Spray Foam Gun

For years, the pursuit of lighter spray foam guns has been a focus across the top brands. And though PMC has been leading in this venture by creating the AP-2 and AP-3, two of the lightest air purge guns in the spray foam industry, the advancement did not stop there. This year, PMC unveiled a new gun that combines the best of the AP-2 and AP-3 models.

The PMC XTREME spray gun takes the features contractors loved from both models and eliminates any inefficient components. Overall, it has fewer parts and is packed with time-saving features like the ability to spray 60 sets of material with the same mixing chamber and side seal set. With improved trigger assembly and a spring-loaded check valve lock, this new model is primed to be reliable and leak-free.

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