Benefits of Used Graco Spray Equipment

By Kevin Malone

Picking the right spray foam equipment can be challenging and expensive. Many contractors turn to used Graco spray equipment to keep costs under control. If you find equipment that is still in good shape and has years of life left, there is nothing wrong with buying used equipment. Graco makes some of the most durable equipment around. If you are budget conscious, buying used can be a great option.

However, you need to make sure any used product you buy can provide the quality you need. Applying spray foam requires exacting conditions for optimal performance. The wrong temperatures, ratio, or viscosity can yield suboptimal results. Therefore, you should look for vetted, tested, and certified refurbished Graco spray equipment when you are looking to buy used.

The Benefits of Buying Used Spray Equipment

Used equipment can provide several important benefits for your business. The biggest one is saving on upfront costs, especially if you are getting started or replacing older equipment.

Save Money

Spray foam equipment can be a significant investment for contractors. Being used equipment can stretch your dollars further. It also allows you to buy higher quality or higher capacity equipment at a lower price point.

When equipment is well-maintained and properly serviced, it can work at a high quality for many years to come. If you buy from a reputable dealer like Intech Equipment & Supply, you can be confident that you will get an affordable price on top-quality used products.

With the money you save on the equipment, you can invest your resource elsewhere. You can save money or choose to buy more products to expand your business.

Avoid Depreciation Loss

When you buy new spray foam equipment, you get brand new equipment, but its value will diminish over time. The reduction in value is called depreciation and applies to any piece of equipment you buy for your business. The biggest depreciation occurs within the first couple of years after purchase. When you buy used equipment, a major depreciation loss has already occurred. This means you can often get a great Graco spray equipment or machine at a significantly lower price.

Reduced Insurance Costs

New equipment has a higher sticker price and may be more expensive to insure than used equipment.

Expand Capabilities

When you know you can get used equipment easily and at a lower price point, you can bid on jobs you might not get if you had to buy new spray machine rigs. Current economic conditions reinforce the need to be smart with equipment purchases.

It May Be Right for the Job

Manufacturers tend to put out upgraded models every few years with new features and enhancements. However, you may not need these features for your jobs. Depending on the application, the features that came with current or older models may be just fine. There is no need to pay for the latest-and-greatest equipment if a used model can get the job done.

Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment

When buying used Graco spray equipment, you want high-quality, high-performing equipment to do the job, which makes it so important to work with a supplier like Intech Equipment & Supply. We ensure that the used Graco spray equipment we sell is thoroughly checked and refurbished so that it meets your demands.

Certified, Refurbished Graco Spray Equipment

You may be able to find less expensive options online from other sellers, but they may not be certified and refurbished. So, you could spend a fair amount of money only to find out that the spray foam rig you buy is not up to the job.

We do offer as-is machines and equipment for older, obsolete units, but you can trust that they will perform as advertised.

Warranty Coverage

Another big difference in working with Intech Equipment is that we provide warranties for refurbished Graco spray equipment. That is not common in the industry. You can rest assured when you buy used spray equipment from Intech Equipment, without taking any financial risk. If something stops working properly during the warranty period, you can return it and get replacement equipment.

Replacement Parts

When buying used spray foam equipment, you want to ensure the availability of any replacement parts you could need. As newer models are introduced, it becomes harder to find parts for older models. At Intech Equipment, we can verify that parts and supports are available for used Graco spray equipment before you buy.

Find top-quality used Graco spray equipment at Intech Equipment and Supply. Contact one of our spray foam experts to find exactly what you need at an affordable price.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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