Best Manufacturers of Commercial Spray Foam Rig Equipment

By Kevin Malone

As a spray foam contractor with serious goals,you only want the best commercial spray foam rig equipment. You knowthat many companies promote their products, but few standby their promises. Sprayfoam application is a highly specialized process that requires precise chemicalreactions. So, your equipment needs to work efficiently to keep you on task andenable you to produce consistent, high-quality results. These kinds of results donot come from using equipment from just any manufacturer. You need the best inthe business.

To avoid do-overs, interruptions, and wastedtime troubleshooting issues, you should buy spray foam equipment from topmanufacturers. This year, several industry leaders remain on our list, and thereare some newcomers that offer award-winning innovations. Here is our list of thebest manufacturers of commercial spray foam rigequipment for 2021. You can find a full line of equipment from these companies atIntech Equipment and Supply.


Was there any doubt that Graco would make thecut? With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Graco has remained amongthe top SPF equipment manufacturers in the world. After producing the firstairless sprayer, Graco changed the way spray foam is applied with the firstReactor? spray foam machine, which accurately and efficiently applied two-componentfoams, polyurea, and epoxies.

Graco's approach is customer-focused,fine-tuning their equipment based on client needs. This results in some of themost forward-thinking spray foam machines in the industry. One innovation istheir cellular and GPS module Graco InSite, through which operators canactively track job site activity from their preferred device. Operators canalso remotely control compatible machines with the Graco Reactor App.

The company offers a wide range of products thatare perfect for high-volume industrial jobs and small-scale touch-ups. The GracoH-40 is a high-powered machine that uses hydraulic power to deliver outstandingoutput and includes InSite Remote Reporting Technology. Graco equipment is anexcellent choice if you are evaluating a commercialspray foam rig for sale.

Intech has been a Top 20 distributor for Graco since 2010 by meeting strict criteria every year. Speak with one of our experts to learn about these and other excellent Graco products.


Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, also known as PMC, is another consistent leader in the spray foam industry. With a collective 100 years of experience in the spray foam industry, PMC offers top-of-the-line spray foam equipment. PMC's manufacturing facility is in the U.S. which makes it easy to distribute products quickly. Its experts are always working on the next big innovation, such as PHD, the newest data-reporting product line. The company also makes one of the lightest air purge guns on the market, the AP-3 Air Purge Gun, which reduces user fatigue and increases spray times. They also just released a brand-new gun called Extreme which comes in a bright red.

Many contractors prefer PMC for their commercial spray foam rigbecause of its equipment's excellent lifetime values and ease of use. Forexample, you will not find complicated circuit boards in their newest equipmentbecause they have been replaced by user-friendly electro-mechanical switchesand relays. You get a lot of 'bang for your buck' with a PMC system becausethey are known for durability as well as cost-effective repairs.


2020 was a challenging year, but Carlisle wasstill able to enter the SPF equipment industry. After acquiring AccellaPerformance Materials in 2017, Carlisle began to develop its own spray foamequipment line. It combined its 100 years of experience in the constructionindustry with Accella's expertise in the independent polyurethane systemindustry, and the results have already drawn much attention.

After launching Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI), Carlisle introduced its IntelliSpray system. The IntelliSpray system addresses some well-known contractor frustrations such as:

  • Not being sure if your mixture ison ratio.
  • Needing more heat because theequipment cannot keep up.
  • Stopping to repair equipment.
  • The equipment requires too muchexpertise to operate.

The system includes the IS40 Proportioner, ST1 spray foam gun, and the QuickHeat Hose. When used together, the system cuts up to 1 to 1.5 hours of labor per job, produces 5-15% higher yields, and can warm up in under 15 minutes. In 2020, the ST1's ergonomic design won an award in the A Design Award Competition in the Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Category. Overall, we recommend this brand for contractors who are building a commercial spray foam rig due to its advanced technology and connection to a stable company. 

Spray FoamEquipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

When you want to enhanceyour equipment, intentional upgrades can take your productivity to the nextlevel. If you are interested in buying Graco, PMC, or Carlisle equipment to addto your commercial sprayfoam rig, speak with our sales team today. We also offer convenientfinancing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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