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By Kevin Malone

Working with high-powered equipment toreinforce buildings or create new structures requires versatile power that youcan take anywhere. It is impossible to assume that everywhere you go has shorepower available exactly where you need it. Instead, you need to make sure yourrig is 100% self-reliant with the right equipment.

The best way to remain fully functional is tohave portable generatorsin your rig fleet. There are many options that can do everything from supplyingsupplemental power to generating full power for all your equipment. Portable WINCO generatorsare well known for their durability, power, and quality. If you need to takeyour business to the next level of productivity, invest in a WINCO generator.

Portable or StationaryGenerators: Which One to Choose?

Before you buy a generator, you must evaluateall your priorities and practical needs. Consider factors such as your currentrig setup, the power requirements for all your equipment, how often you need tomove your equipment, and your future business goals. 

Do you often need to perform jobs that are offthe beaten path? Would you find it convenient to be able to move your generatoreasily, or does a stationary model make more sense for you? Also, does thegenerator comply with your vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating (GVW)? AtIntech Equipment and Supply, we can help you find products that satisfy allyour wants and needs. There are many options available. Here are some of ourbest picks.

Best Portable Generators

Some of the best portable generators on the market belong to the industrial class. They offer impressive reliability and power. In particular, WINCO industrial-grade portable generators are up for tough jobs that have inhospitable conditions and rigorous power demands. They also have modern features that ensure an extended run time and maximum life. All WINCO industrial generators incorporate smart features like:

  • Square D Type Circuit Breakers: These preventcommon problems like power surges and tripping. These also offer GFCIprotection in compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Large Fuel Tanks: These tanks are larger thanthe industry standard and made to resist corrosion for extended durability.
  • Extended Run Time: Compared to othergenerators in its class, WINCOportable generators promise some of the longest run times.
  • 100% Load Tested: Every generator that leavesa WINCO factory is load tested first for quality assurance.
  • Powder Coat Paint: If you want a generatorthat looks good for years, you can depend on the durable paint of a WINCOproduct. 

WINCO WL12000HE Gas-PoweredGenerator        

This 12,000-watt, gas-powered generator is one of the Big Dogs that flat top roofing contractors love. It's generous EPA-approved, 15-gallon fuel tank allows nine hours of full run time. When you need to maneuver around complicated areas, this model makes it easy with its installed lifting bar and four-wheel dolly kit. If you are a roofing contractor and need more run time, the WL12000HE is the portable generator for you. Here are more details about this outstanding product:

  • Powerful Commercial Engine: This model isequipped with the Honda GX630 commercial engine, which has improvedadaptability, runs more quietly, and is more fuel-efficient than ever.
  • YourGen Meter: Want to keep tabs oneverything? This LED meter is WINCO's latest innovation. It displays hours,RPMs, voltage, frequency readings, and load balance readings. If anything isoutside the normal range, or if you need an oil change, the system lets youknow immediately. 
  • Low Oil Protection: If your generator runs lowon oil, this safeguard will shut down the machine to prevent enginedamage. 
  • Premium Circuit Breakers: In addition to theYourGen Meter, these circuit breakers promptly notify the user of a trippedcircuit.

WINCO WL18000VE PortableGenerator:       

You wanted one of the Big Dogs, and you got itwith the WL18000VE ? the second-largest portable generator available at IntechEquipment and Supply. It is strong, dependable, and most of all, portable!Excellent for spray foam application and roofing, this powerhouse is ready tobe the solution to your needs. With 15,000 continuous watts and a 15-gallon,EPA-approved tank that eliminates hydrocarbon emissions, you have the power andeco-friendliness to do your work ethically. Get it alone or in the WINCOWL18000VE Portable generator package. Here are the highlights of this product:

  • Premium-Grade Engine: A tough Briggs &Stratton Vanguard Engine powers this model.
  • Low Oil Protection: If your generator runs lowon oil, this safeguard will shut down the machine to prevent enginedamage. 
  • YourGen Meter: Be in the know with this handyLED meter that displays hours, RPMs, voltage, frequency readings, and loadbalance readings. If anything is outside the normal range, the system notifiesyou. 
  • Premium Circuit Breakers: In addition to theYourGen Meter, this addition promptly notifies the user of a tripped circuit.

WINCO WL22000VE Portablegenerator:

Need a bigger Big Dog? This is the biggestportable generator we have. The WINCO WL22000VE is a favorite for roofers andspray foam contractors who need the most offshore power. In fact, the WL22000VEhas the most power output in its class.

  • Premium-Grade Engine: A tough Briggs &Stratton Vanguard Engine powers this model.
  • Anderson Connector: This handy feature allowsyou to get full amperage output for the most power.
  • YourGen Meter: This model also includesWINCO's latest data tracking software for your convenience.
  • Low Oil Protection: If your generator runs lowon oil, this safeguard will shut down the machine to prevent enginedamage. 
  • Premium Circuit Breakers: These circuitbreakers will notify you promptly of a tripped circuit.

WINCO PortableGenerators for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

If you would like to know more about our WINCOportable generators and find a good match for your rig, give our experts acall. Also, take advantage of our convenientfinancing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

If you are interested in finding out more about WINCO portable generators,please contact us.

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