Best Commercial Spray Foam Roofing Equipment for 2022

By Kevin Malone

Commercial spray foam contractors need reliable, heavy-duty equipment to complete large-scale jobs. Their spray foam machines need to produce consistent results and cover a lot of ground without frequent interruptions. Top-quality manufacturers like Graco and PMC are top brands these professionals rely on for spray foam roofing equipment to get the job done correctly. They are also a reliable source of small- to mid-sized equipment for residential and small-scale commercial jobs.

As construction methods evolve, more clients demand SPF coatings for commercial roofs. Unlike other materials, spray foam offers the best 'bang for your buck.' This is especially true now with the higher cost of essential building components.

Spray foam has a high R-value and keeps commercial buildings cool and fortified. Other building materials cannot offer the same energy savings and protection against severe weather, which is why SPF's popularity is increasing in the commercial roofing industry.

Are you wondering what the best spray foam roofing equipment options are for 2022? There are our top recommendations.

Graco Spray Foam Roofing Equipment

If you are a spray foam contractor who wants to move into commercial roofing or a roofing contractor and wish to enhance your rig, you can always trust Graco roofing equipment. Graco offers an extensive selection of spray foam machines and other sprayers that can handle SPF and other materials. Regardless of job size, Graco's wide range of coating solutions ensures that you do not get anything too big or too small for your needs.

  • Small Systems - These are the easiest to maneuver and the lightest option. A small roofing equipment system is best for your budget if you work on residential and small commercial roofs. This category consists mainly of pneumatic and electric machines. An excellent product to explore is our Graco Upgraded Reactor E-20 Package. It sprays SPF and roofing coatings and is a convenient, turnkey package offering everything you need to start work.
  • Mid-tier systems- These are larger spray foam machines that cover more ground in less time and put out plenty of power to produce professional results. They can be electric or hydraulic systems, with the hydraulic systems offering more power and coverage. Explore higher output systems like Graco Reactor E-30 or H-30 for a solid mid-tier performance.
  • Large systems - When you need big machines to cover a lot of ground in a high-demand project, Graco's powerful hydraulic spray foam machines are the most suitable for your needs. Check out the Graco Reactor H-40 or H-50 to get maximum output capability.

Want peace of mind? When you have an intelligent spray foam system like the Graco 3 Reactor system, which has seamless communication from drum to hose, you won't need to do all the thinking and troubleshooting on your own. You will get automated routine maintenance reminders and accurate intel on the source of any problems.

PMC Roofing Equipment

At Intech Equipment and supply, we also stand by PMC, a company that has produced consistently high-quality spray foam machines and equipment. Like Graco, PMC offers three spray foam machine product lines that vary by strength and capacity. Whether you need a small machine for touch-ups or a large hydraulic system for a large-scale SPF roofing project, PMC has what you need to get the job done.

For commercial roofing equipment, we recommend PMC's hydraulic PH series, such as,

  • PHX- 25, which is ideal for coatings and higher power for applications beyond residential.
  • PH ? 40 is excellent for higher output roofing applications.
  • PHX-40 is even more powerful and suited for high output coatings that require up to 3500 PSI.

PMC spray foam guns

PMC also offers excellent spray foam guns. They offer some of the lightest air-driven spray guns in the industry, and their engineers continue to improve on what contractors already consider to be perfection.

The AP-3 is an example of a high-quality spray foam gun from PMC that can coat any surface for long periods. Its low weight enables contractors to hold it steady for long periods, which is essential for large-scale jobs.

Finance Your Roofing Rig

Spray foam contractors specializing in commercial roofing must invest in high-quality equipment, which can come at a significant upfront cost. If you need to improve your spray foam roofing equipment immediately, take advantage of our in-house financing options. Several flexible payment plans are available whether you need to finance a new or used spray foam rig for roofing or anything else. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Commercial Spray Foam Roofing Equipment at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is a leading supplier of commercial roofing equipment. We have a substantial selection of spray foam machines, accessories, replacement parts, and much more from trusted brands that you will love.

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