Budgeting for a New Spray Foam Insulation Machine

By Kevin Malone

The right spray foam equipment can produce a great return on investment. And, when you get a great ROI, you can take it to the bank—literally. The better your ROI, the more profit you make. So, make sure you get high-quality spray foam equipment that delivers returns for years to come.

Spray foam insulation machine prices are not low, so you’ll want to choose carefully and budget accordingly. In general, you won’t go wrong with a Graco spray foam insulation machine or spray foam machines from PMC. While there are other options, equipment from Graco or PMC is dependable and has a long lifecycle, given proper maintenance and cleaning.

Get the Right Spray Foam Equipment for the Job

It is crucial to get the right spray foam equipment for the job. Undersized spray foam rigs are inefficient if you take on large jobs. You will spend more money on repairs, with increased downtime. The cost of your labor will be higher, too, because smaller rigs take longer to complete than big jobs.

If you mainly do residential work, a smaller machine may work just fine. Spray foam insulation machine prices for smaller units are lower, so you save money to invest elsewhere in your business. However, if you are doing commercial or industrial jobs, you need a  higher output spray foam rig to do the job effectively.

Setting Your Budget with ROI in Mind

The cost of spray foam insulation machines varies depending on the brand, size, and features. Think about what you need.

How much do spray foam machines cost? An entry-level spray foam rig can start at about $52,000. Mid-production units with more power can cost between $65,000 and $75,000. A turnkey custom rig can go for $110k–$150k or higher.

You may pay a bit more for a high-quality rig featuring a PMC or Graco spray foam insulation machine as the workhorse, but you will make it up on the back end from longevity. These machines have an incredible track record of long-lasting performance.

If you need help figuring out which type of spray foam equipment is right for you, get in touch with the experts at Intech Equipment & Supply.

What Impacts the ROI for Spray Foam Equipment?

Besides having spray foam equipment that is right-sized for the job, you need to consider some of the other factors that will impact your ROI.


When you have dependable, efficient equipment, you can do a high-quality job faster, which reduces your labor costs and lets you do more jobs in less time—getting more from your equipment. Minimizing material waste and downtime for cleaning also improves your ROI.


Routine maintenance keeps your equipment running smoothly and avoids mid-job downtime, which is costly. Equipment has to be shut down for repairs. Your crew may have to sit around waiting for equipment to get fixed and your hourly earnings plummet.

When budgeting for spray foam equipment, make sure you include money for planned maintenance, spare parts, cleaning supplies, and training.

Material Costs

Spray foam material costs fluctuate as well and can impact your ROI.

Calculating ROI

To figure out the ROI on your spray foam equipment, compare the total of all your expenses to your revenue. To estimate your ROI, you need to consider:

  • Machine cost: Your initial investment
  • Profit per job: Revenue minus your labor and material costs
  • Jobs per year: Project the volume of jobs you can take on

You can divide your annual profit by the machine cost. A higher ratio provides a faster payback and better ROI. Note though, this is a simplified version that doesn’t take into account financing costs, depreciation, taxes, or maintenance costs.

Spray foam jobs have high profit margins. Net profit per job typically runs about 25%, so you can pay off your initial investments fairly quickly. Once your equipment is paid off, your ROI goes up.

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About Kevin Malone
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