Business Hit by the Pandemic? Consider a Used Spray Foam Rig

By Kevin Malone

As the global pandemic continues, businesses throughoutthe world are being affected.  And sinceconsumers and companies are being more conservative with their spending, theworldwide economy has taken a hit. When difficulties like this occur, it isimportant to adapt to the times and find ways to cut operating costs to keepyour business financially stable.

If your spray foam business has been affected by the pandemic, you are not alone, especially if you are a small business. If you would like to keep your spray foam business on track while reducing operating costs, consider buying a used spray foam rig from Intech Equipment and Supply.

Buy Equipment From TrustedSources

Before you look for usedspray foam insulation rigs for sale,remember that it is important to buy from a reputable supplier to maximize yourinvestment. Most experts advise against buying unvetted used spray foamequipment, especially if you are new to the industry. Also, before you buy anything,it is important to verify how the used equipment was maintained or stored. Anexcellent care history is imperative to ensure you are getting your money'sworth.

If you buy from someone you do not know,you could end up with faulty equipment that costs you more than it is worth inrepairs and maintenance. One of the most common problems is having a machinethat was not flushed or stored properly, which leads to crystallized materialsdamaging hoses and other vital components. This can end up costing you a lot ofmoney, especially if you have to replace the entire A-side of the machine dueto buildup in the hoses, heater and transfer pumps.

To avoid problems like this, look forrefurbished used equipment with a verified performance and maintenance historyand work with a well-regarded company such as Intech Equipment and Supply. You willget discounted spray foam equipment from excellent brands and have the peace ofmind that our experts have verified each item for its functionality and maintenancehistory.

Why Pay the Full Price?

When you buy new spray foam equipment, you pay the mint-condition price. Used equipment is normally priced according to straight-line depreciation, which offers the asset's remaining value based on its original price in relation to the remaining life expectancy. For example, if a machine's mint condition price was $15,000 and it has an average life span of 15 years, the equipment's cost would decrease by $1,000 every year. This means that gently used machines will have a higher price, but will offer more years of reliable service than an older machine.

If your business has slowed down due to thepandemic, then you know how important it is to save on operating costs whereveryou can. If you need to replace equipment, buying a full-priced machine orspray foam gun could be out of your budget. However, if you have to stopworking or miss deadlines due to lack of equipment, your business could suffereven more.

Purchasing high-quality used equipment can help you close the gap and get your operations through this tough time. Remember that the spray foam industry is projected to grow by 780.19 million between 2020 and 2024 due to increasing demand for spray foam in construction. So, do not let a rough patch stop you from getting the good=quality equipment you need now and for the future. Our expert team can show you options that are available to you in our used equipment store, and can even suggest new equipment that could meet your needs and budget.

Look for a Top Distributor

You get more for your money when you buy a used machine from a world-renowned brand like Graco. Intech has been a Top 20 distributor for Graco foam and polyurea equipment for 10 years straight. As a top supplier, we offer comprehensive post-sales support, customer service, custom options, and technical support.

Buying a usedspray foam rig for sale from us is awhole different experience compared to buying a used rig from a 'friend of afriend,' or someone you do not know. We are a well-established company thatspecializes in spray foam equipment, parts and accessories, with multiplefacilities throughout the continental U.S. So, we can provide on-time support,fast shipment of replacement parts, and real-time troubleshooting assistancewith any issues.

Used Spray Foam Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment& Supply

If you are interested infinding used spray foam insulationrigs for sale, speak with our sales team today, and be sure to ask aboutour convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Our team is ready tomeet your unique equipment and accessory needs. Contact us.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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