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Learn about the different features of mobile spray foam rigs and how they might benefit your operation.

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Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment

Carlisle is a leading U.S. and Canadian construction and spray foam insulation company. When it decided to manufacture spray foam equipment, its engineering team spent more than 5,000 hours in the field working with spray foam contractors to understand the problems they deal with.

The result is the IntelliSpray System, a spray foam machine that is easy to use, offers enough heat for quick startup—even in cold environments, minimizes the number of repairs that are needed while on-the-job, stays on ratio to guarantee high-quality application and improved productivity and saves contractors money on insulation materials.

The IntelliSpray System features a warm-up time that is about 50% faster than conventional spray foam machines, which saves operators around 30 minutes per day—roughly the equivalent of one full day per month, and can reduce the time needed to complete an eight-hour job to less than six hours.

Its design ensures high-quality material application by combining independent, servo-driven motors and integral flow with precise on-ratio meters to control the flow of A & B materials. IntelliSense Technology ensures the system maintains a 1:1 ratio throughout an entire job and sensors in the flow meters immediately shut down the system if they detect an off-ratio condition.

Carlisle spray foam equipment is easy to operate because of its intuitive design. The 15” touch screen display’s simple pulldown menu configuration offers contractors all the controls they need on a single screen. Just select and lock in the required settings and preferred recipe. If adjustments are needed, them, it is easy to make them using a cell phone.

Contactors can also promote the excellent quality of their work by using the built-in job reporting function to automatically email customers reports that confirm job status and completion. Carlisle spray foam equipment also saves contractors an estimated $100-$150 daily in material costs because of the improved yield and spray control consistency it offers and because there is less need for rework. These are the components of the IntelliSpray System.

Recommended Products for Your Carlisle Mobile Spray Foam Rig


IS40 IntelliSpray Proportioner

Sprays at higher pressures for greater yields and higher productivity. Features a 15″ full-color touchscreen with easy-to-use controls and a 50% faster warmup time.

STI Air Purge Spray Gun

High-performance spray gun features a patented ergonomic design that offers ultimate comfort and control, mix tips that are easy to change and easy maintenance and servicing.

QuickHeat Hoses

Features an internal heater wire that enables over 90°F (50°C) of system DeltaT in the hose to reduce the need for preheating and recirculation.

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