How to Choose Used or New Spray Foam Rigs in 2022  

By Kevin Malone

If you want to start a spray foam business in 2022 or grow your current operations, getting more equipment is necessary. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we carry the latest and best spray foam equipment from leading brands like Graco and PMC. Our mobile spray foam rig packages are convenient options for contractors who need turnkey systems that suit their immediate needs.

We also offer custom solutions and used spray foam rigs so that every spray foam contractor can find the right setup and price for their needs. So, what questions do you need to ask yourself to decide whether you need a used or new spray foam rig in 2022? Here are some key thought points.

Do you want the latest gadgets in your spray foam insulation trailer?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you need to go with a new spray foam rig and invest in a spray foam insulation trailer. At Intech Equipment and Supply, everyone is excited about the new generation of Reactor 3 proportioners that are already thrilling spray foam contractors with their intelligent and reliable performance.

Reactor 3 proportioners are designed to work with a fully compatible system to maximize your uptime. It's ideal to get a fresh rig with the new heated hoses and pumps that can seamlessly communicate with each other. For more information, explore the Graco website. Here are the new features of the Reactor 3:

  • Improved cellular antenna with GPS.
  • Modern, touchscreen-only interface with cellular software updates.
  • Improved ISO lube system that automatically circulates ISO lube.
  • A 2x larger inlet filter area.
  • Ability to have separate temperature and pressure sensors.
  • New Xcelerator heated hoses can be set to different temperatures.
  • New motor control and temperature boards.
  • Redesigned fluid manifold with side-mounted valves.
  • For elite models, new 3,500 PSI forged flow meters relocated under the shroud.

There are also brands, like PMC, that are coming out with new equipment that is sure to save you time and hassle. PMC is especially known for its cutting-edge air purge spray foam guns. Its latest innovation, the Xtreme Spray Foam Gun, combines the best-loved features of its predecessors, the AP-2 and AP-3. This is just one example of the new equipment, coming out in the spray foam industry, that can boost your rig's performance.

Do you need to save money?

When you need functional equipment ASAP, and you don't want to pay full price, then high-quality used equipment is your best bet. All the used equipment at Intech is verified for its maintenance history and tested for full functionality. This assurance of quality is difficult to find elsewhere in used equipment.

If you have some non-negotiables for new equipment in your spray foam insulation rig, such as a new set of hoses or spray foam machine, then you can customize a rig package with a blend of new and old. However, it's best to work out a solution with one of our seasoned pros so that you get the best performance for your investment.

Do you need your equipment long-term?

If you need maximum lifetime value for your equipment, then the best solution is to buy new or like-new. New equipment comes with the absolute guarantee that your equipment will run for its expected lifespan, with good care. If you get equipment that was used for a couple of years or less, it's also a good deal for you.

However, don't expect anything that is more than five or six years old to give you as much time as a fresh-out-of-the-factory spray foam rig. This isn't a matter of equipment quality; it's a simple fact of wear and tear that happens even to good equipment. So, if you don't want to deal with more frequent repairs or replacements, explore our stock of new rigs or ask us about gently used equipment.

What about financing?

We understand that new spray foam rigs come with significant upfront costs. But if you need to take your business to the next level, financing can get you the equipment you need as soon as possible. We also finance used equipment if you need a more affordable monthly payment. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

New and Used Spray Foam Rigs for Sale At Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment & Supply is a leading supplier of top spray foam equipment brands like Graco. Our mobile spray foam rigs are made with field-tested, contractor-approved innovation that is backed by industry-leading support. Speak with our sales team today to learn more.

Do you need to invest in a spray foam insulation rig and spray foam insulation trailer to grow your contracting business? Contact our technical experts to get help building one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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