How to Choose the Right Spray Foam Trailer

By Kevin Malone

Owning a spray foam trailer increases your productivity by granting you easy, organized access to everything you need to get to work. It also protects your valuable equipment from unexpected weather and extreme temperatures. Finding the right one for your business is crucial to maintain peak productivity.

Have you been trying to figure out what kind of spray foam trailer will work best for your contracting needs? The type of spray foam trailer or truck that you need will fulfill all your goals and protect your equipment. Here are two factors to consider when choosing the right spray foam trailer for your business.

#1 What do you already have?

You can get the most out of your budget when you strategically select the spray foam equipment in your trailer. Mobile rigs are generally configured in bumper-pull spray foam trailers, gooseneck trailers or commercial box trucks. Each type can come as a standalone product or be hitched onto the back of a truck.

Before you choose a spray foam rig, check to see what you already have, and only buy what you need. For example, if you already have a pickup truck, then a portable trailer can be a more cost-effective solution than buying a commercial box truck. If you're starting from scratch, you may want to go with a box truck or find a used truck and towable mini rig.

Do you have a few parts you'd like to upgrade, or do you need to make a fully customized one-stop-shop rig? If you have older machinery that is failing you, it's better to replace with new or refurbished equipment to keep your operations running smoothly. Here are the main components to consider.

  • Spray foam machine: Your spray foam machine filters the A and B components, pressurizes them with dual pumps and heats them up to the desired temperature. You can also monitor the spray foam with gauges as it is pushed into your heated hoses. Newer models even come with remote control and reporting technology so you can check on your machine from anywhere in the world.
  • Heated Hose: This keeps your spray foam at the proper temperature from the reactor to your spray gun.
  • Spray Gun: The gun is the only device where your dual spray components mix. You can customize components of the gun to control the exact amount of product to be sprayed and the nozzle spread pattern.
  • Generator: The generator powers everything from your spray foam machine, compressor, rig lighting, heating, and outlets. If you don't want a generator, wewe'll offer you a shore power cable instead.
  • Drum Heaters: If you are working in cold environments, these will keep your materials at the recommended 70 to 80 degrees before it reaches the machine. But keep in mind that for an insulated spray rig, a space heater can be all you need if you don't live in extremely cold environments.
  • Compressor: The compressor will power the drum pumps on sides A and B, the agitators, spray gun, and the reactor itself. Depending on your requirements, you may opt for either a standalone tank compressor, or a generator mounted screw type compressor, which is a good option for a smaller spray foam trailer.

If you need help deciding what to buy new, used, or replace, give us a call and we can discuss your needs in further detail.

#2 What size rig do you need?

The type of applications you do will determine the size of spray rig right for your business. For example, commercial insulation or roofing projects are usually larger than residential insulation projects. Therefore, you'll need a larger trailer or box truck that gives you more space for storage. These rigs can handle large-volume spraying ? anywhere between four to six sets per day.

However, the majority of spray foam insulation projects require two to three sets of foam materials.  It's common for a residential contractor to not spray more than this amount of product in a single workday. Factors like tighter quarters and less trigger time play in this average daily limit. In short, smaller-scale jobs allow you to spend less on your trailer, longer gooseneck, or a dedicated truck.

Spray Foam Trailers For Sale

When purchasing a rig, it's wise not to buy more than what you need, especially when you're just starting a business. By carefully considering what size rig and what equipment you need to purchase or replace, you can make your budget work for you. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right spray foam trailer for your business.

Contact us to ask how we can help you choose the right spray foam trailer, or about the other trusted spray foam equipment that we have in stock.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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