Commercial Spray Foam Equipment Trends

By Kevin Malone

Since more homeowners choosing spray foam insulation over fiberglass, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve the spray foam equipment they offer. If you're wondering what new features and functionality to look for this year, here are four trends in commercial spray foam insulation equipment for 2019.

Easier Handling

Contractor fatigue has become a growing concern, especially during large volume applications, and it's mainly due to heavy guns with limited trigger options. Heavy guns also make it harder to apply spray foam evenly and accurately because holding them steadily for long-term periods can cause strain. So, manufacturers are designing lighter weight equipment with more convenient control options to make contractors' jobs easier.

PMC just added the AP-3 Spray foam gun to its product lineup. This air purge gun is lightweight with a balanced design to reduce user fatigue and increase accuracy. It only weighs 2.4 pounds which makes it one of the smallest and lightest air purge guns available on the market. It also contains fewer parts and has a short trigger stroke to make the application of spray foam easier.

Better Reach

Applying spray foam to remote and hard-to-reach places has always been a challenge for contractors. In the past, one would need to go up and down ladders and scaffolding which wasted valuable time and was a safety risk. 

New product such as PMC's new AP-EX Extended Reach spray wand system enable contractors to apply spray foam to these areas more efficiently and safely. Its patent-pending spray system allows contractors to spray up to 10 feet easily, and its adjustable angle spray head helps them reach remote areas more easily. 

Less Downtime

Polyurea insulation is hard on commercial spray foam equipment due to its viscous and fast-drying nature. As a result, downtime for maintenance and cleaning has become an expected part of a spray foam contractor's business. Here's how top manufacturers are working to make equipment maintenance simpler and easier.

PMC has started using more electro-mechanical switches and relays because they last longer and are easier to fix compared to printed circuit board-based machines. They also require less maintenance, which saves contractors time and countless hours they now spend maintaining equipment.

Affordability & Value

Innovation always leads to top-line features becoming more accessible and less expensive. As manufacturers find more economical ways to achieve the same results, prices on machines and equipment become more affordable and offer more value than in previous years. 

Top brands like PMC and Graco price their commercial spray foam insulation equipment competitively while maintaining quality and innovation. And when you invest in quality equipment, the reduced maintenance and servicing requirements result in lower costs in the long run compared to companies that offer more expensive machines that aren't as durable.

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