What To Consider about a Commercial Spray Foam Rig

By Kevin Malone

If you plan to buy a commercial sprayfoam rig to start a new business orexpand operations, there are quite a few things you need to consider to ensureyou get the right type of equipment for the types of projects you do. Accordingto Graco, a recognized spray foam equipment manufacturer, the first thingcontractors should consider is how they will use the rig and what materialsthey intend to spray.

Your commercial spray foam rig'scomponents will differ based on what you do and how often you spray. Commercialand industrial contractors who do large roofing and air barrier system projectsrequire equipment that can meet the demands of these types of projects and alsobe used for commercial and residential insulation work. So, as you evaluateyour options, consider these tips about choosing a commercial spray foam rig.

Consider The Rig's Size

When it comes tobuilding a commercial sprayfoam rig, a bigger rig does not fit every contractor's needs. Forexample, large industrial projects require a rig with a powerful dieselgenerator with an electric compressor for the power to finish high-volume work.This setup requires a larger rig than a residential equipment layout.

Your typical workenvironment and job types may require a small to moderately sized commercial spray foam rig.If you are a high-volume contractor, you may need a large box truck with atriple proportioner system. When you contact Intech Equipment and Supply, tellus about the types of projects you do and your business goals so we can helpyou explore all available options.

When considering rig size, it is always wise to have enough space for necessary power sources. Graco Product Manager Nick Pagano recommends that it is always better to 'think big' and lean toward having more power than you think you need so you do not need to upgrade equipment prematurely. Ask us about the generators we have in stock that fit your rig and will provide dependable off-shore power.

Are you a full-time or part-time contractor?

If contracting sprayfoam jobs is your full-time occupation, you need a solid commercial spray foam rigthat you can rely on. While you should also build a good rig for part-timework, occasional use wears down equipment less quickly than frequent use.Full-time operators should examine every detail about the spray foam machines,guns, generators and other equipment they purchase. Gear that has beenoptimized for easy maintenance with fail-safes against incorrect ratios and otherabnormalities can greatly assist busy contractors and save time in the longrun.

Occasional spray foamusers still need to maintain their equipment but can relax their standards tosome degree since they have more time to attend to their equipment on off days.But overall, everyone needs equipment that will last and enable them to deliverquality work on deadline. Contact an expert at Intech to get the best equipmentrecommendations for full-time or part-time work.

What Is Your Purpose?

Your commercial spray foam rigshould be custom built to serve the needs of your business. Whether your projectsinclude insulating attics, lifting concrete, commercial roofing jobs orapplying elastomeric coatings, there is a rig setup that will work for you.This is a general breakdown of the rigs that we build for different types ofSPF contractors.

  • ResidentialSPF applications: If you mainlywork with home builders and homeowners, you need an average output of 5-8pounds per minute, although a maximum of around 20 pounds per minute offers youmore room to grow. This output range falls within the pneumatic (air-driven)spray foam machine class. 
  • LargeResidential/Commercial Jobs: Ifyou mainly contract medium to high-output jobs, a powerful electric machine ora hydraulic spray foam machine will fit your needs. Always get equipment thathas the highest output you need at any given time to ensure you can always meetyour project goals and deliver quality work.
  • Commercial Roofing & Insulation: Spray foam roofing projects require high-performing hydraulic machines. This is because you need to cover a large area evenly. If this is the type of work you do, it pays to invest in intelligent machines from top brands like Graco, PMC, or Carlisle because these systems are programmed to inform users of any abnormalities immediately. This ensures a proper ratio and even application throughout your shift.
  • ExtraMaterials: If you often performcommercial jobs or plan to use your equipment for diverse applications likeslab jacking, you need machinery that can handle different materials likecoatings and pour foams. If you want to apply coatings more conveniently, it ismore convenient if you get a separate sprayer unit so you do not need to dependon a single machine. If you often need to do touchup work, you should considerincluding commercial spray foam insulationkits to save time and avoid wear andtear on spray foam machines.

This is just a glimpseat the factors you need to consider when you buy a commercial spray foam rig. We are happy todiscuss your options and to recommend the industry's latest and best and offera good selection of mobile spray foam rig packages that you can customize for your specific needs. Wealso have a selection of used spray foam rig options for contractors who arelooking for dependable equipment at a discount. Both new and used equipment canbe financed into convenient monthly payments. For more information, check outour financing calculator.

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