The Definitive Guide to Graco Spray Foam Machines

By Kevin Malone

Graco is the oldest and most respected manufacturer of spray foam equipment. From the company’s beginning in 1926 through today, contractors know that Graco equipment is high quality and extremely durable.

Contractors have plenty of choices, whether they are looking for mobile or entry-level, mid-production, or high-production Graco reactors. The spray foam experts at Intech Equipment and Supply can help you find the right Graco spray foam machine for your business.

We have put together an overview of the most popular Graco products to help you make the best decision.

Mobile and Entry-Level Graco Spray Foam Machines

These types of Graco Spray Foam Machines are typically used for:

  • A wide variety of jobs and touch-ups
  • Rim joists
  • Applications requiring portability

Here is an overview of the Graco Reactor line:

Graco Reactor E-10

The E-10 is a small electric spray foam proportioner system, ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas or when portability is required. Easy to use for one-person operations, it plugs into standard outlets with low power draws.

Graco Reactor A-25

The A-25 air spray foam applies up to 25 lbs. per minute and offers three independent heat zones (hose heat, resin, and ISO) to maintain precise heat control. The A-25 also features DataTrak control letting you easily track material usage.

Graco Reactor E-20

The E-20 provides even great control, employing advanced features to extend equipment life, such as circulation valves with long-lasting seals and modular heater control boards to minimize downtime. In addition to digital pressure and heat controls, the E-20 also allows for quick knockdown of lower powers to reduce maintenance time.

Mid-Production Graco Spray Foam Machines

This type of Graco Spray Equipment is typically used for:

  • Home insulation
  • Attics
  • Small and mid-size commercial jobs
  • Graco Reactor 3 E-20

    Built on the more powerful Graco Reactor 3 platform, you get more performance than with entry-level spray foam equipment along with a brushless motor for improving flow and pressure performance. Sporting a compact footprint, it is a solid choice for contractors working in a climate that does not require larger heaters.

    Graco Reactor 2 E-30

    The E-30 leverages next-generation technology with hardware and software enhancements to provide remote access to controls, deep job site data and improved spray performance. It stores up to 24 chemical recipes and can be controlled from your phone. Real-time data helps troubleshoot any issues quickly with QR code shortcuts to appropriate remedies.

    Graco Reactor 2 H-30

    The H-30 hydraulic spray foam machine is designed for locations that spray at high volumes, such as in-plant equipment manufacturers or high-output foam applications and roofing projects. The HJ-3o0 optimizes spray parameters, resulting in great yield and performance without requiring you to go back to your spray foam rig.

    High-Production Graco Spray Foam Machines

    These types of Graco Spray Foam Machines are typically used for:

    • Large commercial projects
    • Large industrial projects
    • Roofing

    Graco Reactor 3 E-30

    The Graco Reactor 3 E-30 is designed to be a workhorse and is ideal for contractors that are growing their business with residential and commercial spray foam projects. It features compact design and advanced electronics along with independent hose control for better pressure balancing.

    Graco Reactor 2 H-40

    Graco’s H-40 hydraulic spray foam proportioner system is a highly dependable and durable unit designed for long life. It is capable of extremely high duty cycles to maximize daily productivity with reduced downtime.

    Graco Reactor 2 H-50

    The H-50 hydraulic spray foam machine features some of the highest yield and high output spraying in the industry. The H-50 outputs 52 lbs (23 kg) per minute, combining power and performance with next-generation spray technology.

    Graco Spray Foam Machines at Intech Equipment and Supply

    When you buy Graco spray foam equipment from Intech Equipment and Supply, you get high-quality Graco equipment combined with exceptional service and support from the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply.

    Our staff is made up of leading spray foam equipment experts with more than 150 years of field experience in residential and commercial SPF. When you work with Intech Equipment and Supply, you work with certified experts that have done the job themselves to provide knowledge and support for all of your spray foam equipment needs.

    Intech Equipment and Supply also operates facilities in three time zones from Georgia to California, so there is expert help available on your schedule. Founded in 1995, Intech Equipment and Supply serves all locations in North America as the leader in spray foam equipment, mobile spray foam rigs, and replacement parts.

    Contact Intech Equipment and Supply today for Graco spray foam machines.

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