Equipment for Artistic Uses of Concrete Lifting

By Kevin Malone

Equipment forArtistic Uses of Concrete Lifting

Concrete can be used in more than just utilitarian surfaces like sidewalks and driveways -- they are also used artistically.

Buteven beautified concrete is still a heavy mixture of water, aggregate, andcement, and all concrete work at some point will experience shifting orsinking. That's just the truth of any heavy structure that is placed over apart of the Earth's surface, as the topography of the world is always on themove. And, to add to the challenges of concrete sinking, artistic structuresdon't always have an even weight distribution and have unique aestheticpreservation needs.

If your concrete is sinking, you don't have to demolish it. Instead of taking down that expensive work of art and starting from scratch, you can use polyurethane foam equipment to raise your concrete to where it once stood.

Overall, we recommend two pieces of equipment as the backbone of your artistic concrete lifting business: a mechanical purge gun and a spray polyurethane foam machine. These items are specifically designed to handle the application demands of closed-cell foam. Contractors also need to have all the necessary concrete lifting tools to perform the job correctly, such as an injector, rubber hammer, wrench, and protective equipment.

With foam, contractorscan lift, level, and stabilize various forms of artistic concrete to theiroriginal position, sparing homeowners a lot of money in unnecessaryreplacements. Please be sure to get the proper training before attempting tolift concrete with polyurethane foam.

Concrete Lifting FoamEquipment for Sale 

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