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By Kevin Malone

Spray foam insulation has become a critical part of sound infrastructure. Since its popularity rose in the latter half of the 20th century, SPF has grown to become a staple 'must-have' for residential and commercial buildings. The overwhelming benefits of this material and its longevity make it a worthy investment over other insulation options.

With a higher r-value and longer life than fiberglass, contractors all over the world have caught on to the wonderful, low-maintenance material called spray foam. In fact, contractors depend on this material not to just insulate buildings, but to strengthen walls, plumbing, the spaces beneath concrete slabs, and more.

When you use the right spray foam insulation equipment, you can get the best results every time. At our Intech store, you will find the most modern solutions to your daily spray foam needs. Here are some pointers on the equipment needed for spray foam insulation if you are just starting out.

Spray Foam Machines

When you want to apply spray foam, the most important part of your equipment is your spray foam machine. This is where the A and B materials are processed so they can later combine and react to produce spray foam insulation. Depending on your preferred power source or the type of machine you need, you may also need a compressor and generator to support your spray foam machine.

Spray foam machines come in three types: air-driven, electric, and hydraulic. Each type progresses in power and versatility, but you do not necessarily need the most powerful machine to get the job done. When you invest in a machine that gives you the right return for your investment, your business will get the most profit. If you need help finding the best machine for you, we can guide you to the right product.

Spray Foam Guns

If you want to apply spray foam insulation, you need a spray foam gun. This vital part of your SPF equipment determines much about your job's results. The important chemical reactions between A and B materials happen in your spray foam gun, so you need a high-quality one to prevent clogs, overspray, or underspray.

There are many types out there because SPF applications are quite diverse. For instance, mechanical purge guns are ideal for contractors who need different flow rates and are OK with doing more maintenance. Air purge guns are the most popular type of spray foam guns for their simplicity. If you want a good gun for coatings, then a solvent purge gun is your best pick. Though it is more complicated to use than an air purge gun, it will help you meet your goals if you need to work with materials beyond spray foam.

Spray Foam Rigs

Do not forget that you need a way to transport and store all your spray foam insulation equipment and accessories. It is also useful to have a separate work area where you can address maintenance issues efficiently. There should also be a material storage area. A spray foam rig makes it possible to have all these functions in one place. It also makes working with spray foam far easier than taking multiple vehicles.

It is important to choose a vehicle and trailer that correspond to your needs. For instance, if you just need one machine, a 14-to-16-foot trailer can be enough for you. If you need a double proportioner setup, a box truck with plenty of space is vital for you to stay organized and productive. These trucks are good for contractors who need to work with high outputs without bringing multiple rigs.

Need Help? Choose a Rig Package!

When you are new to the business, finding all the best equipment for your needs can be daunting. This is why the pros at Intech are standing by to listen and recommend the gear that suits your job types. We do not recommend anything we would not use ourselves, so rest assured that you will get information about the equipment that is just right for you ? not too much nor too little. When you have the right equipment in your rig, it makes all the difference. Let us get you set up and ready for the journey ahead.

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is proud to offer the latest spray foam insulation equipment. If you are interested in buying the equipment needed for spray foam insulation or a custom rig, speak with our sales team today. Also, take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Contact us. Our team is ready to meet your spray foam insulation equipment, rig, and accessory needs.

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