Best Equipment for Spray Foam Insulation Business in 2022|Best Equipment for Spray Foam Insulation Business in 2022

By Kevin Malone

Are you starting a new spray foam insulation business in the new year or looking for an equipment refresh? Either way, you will need the best spray foam insulation equipment to produce the best results. Where can you find the latest spray foam machines and equipment for your modern rig? What kind of distributor should you look for? How can you be sure that you are getting your money's worth and have robust post-sales support?

Before you type 'spray foam insulation business near me' and search Google, check out the main criteria to seek in a spray foam equipment distributor. This guide will show you how and where to find the best equipment for your spray foam insulation business in 2022.

Find a Distributor with Good Ratings

Reputable distributors have good standings and accreditations with relevant organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB handles customer complaints and hands out impartial ratings to businesses, offering customers a transparent view about what to expect.

Private sellers of spray foam insulation equipment are not always businesses and therefore are unlikely to have a BBB rating. You simply have some star ratings (if you are lucky) or word of mouth to go by. On the other hand, Intech Equipment and Supply has been BBB accredited since February 13, 2009, with a rating of A+, the highest a business can get. This rating comes from collecting public data from customer complaints and feedback.

Look for Nationwide (or Local) Coverage

When you need in-person support, phone support in your time zone, or an emergency part rushed via shipping, it helps to have a distributor that offers nationwide coverage. This means that the distributor has several locations around the country so that you are bound to be close to one of them. Or, you can be fortunate enough to be close to the distributor's location. Proximity to you ensures that you get the help you need, including post-sales support, in a timely manner.

Intech Equipment & Supply has six facilities located in three different time zones across the country ? from New Jersey to California to service spray foam insulation businesses. All locations offer technical support, answer customer inquiries, and even have supplies in stock for fast shipping. This nationwide coverage is invaluable to spray foam contractors who need immediate help and easy access to replacement parts and new spray foam insulation equipment. 

Find Award-Winning Distributors

The most standout distributors have more than just a good BBB rating ? they excel even in the eyes of the world's top SPF manufacturers. Since 2010, Intech Equipment & Supply has been ranked in the Top 20 by Graco for foam and polyurea equipment in North America. Staying on this list of top distributors is no easy task. Companies that are recognized by Graco need to offer excellent customer service, tech support, have a robust inventory, and offer reliable education and training.

Find Distributors That Vet Their Stock

Good distributors follow the market closely (and client feedback) to find out what really works and what does not. So, if you need a helping hand to find this year's most dependable and efficient spray foam insulation equipment, look for a place that does not sell everything 'just because.'

At Intech Equipment and Supply, our team of experts continues to evaluate what works and what needs improvement. We know what to recommend for your evolving spray foam insulation business needs ? whether you need to grow your fleet, downsize, or acquire some used equipment to save money on your business growth. This means that you will not find any spray foam insulation equipment in our stock that we would not use ourselves.

Offers GOOD used equipment

When you buy from a private seller or an auction site like eBay, you will find some unbelievable prices on used equipment ? but there is a major catch: the spray foam insulation equipment does not go through a uniform process to test functionality and quality. Though you may get lucky with a seller who runs video demos and has intricate maintenance records, there is no official standard. There is also no standard for delivery. For instance, most eBay listings only sell to people who can pick up the equipment locally. Or, if there are returns available, the buyer must pay the return shipping, which can be quite costly. Instead of going through a ton of unknowns and scheduling a time-consuming road trip, use a distributor that does the hard work for you.

Intech Equipment and Supply acquires used spray foam insulation equipment, verifies their maintenance history, services them, and tests them for functionality before they are ever listed. Then, we will ship the equipment to you from one of our six nationwide locations. Our evolving collection of used trucks and equipment offers something for everyone. New items are added at any time, so be sure to check our new listings.

Look for Honest & Transparent Financing

Private sellers usually want costs paid upfront with little chance of financing. However, reputable distributors offer financing with uniform terms, so that it is not a case-by-case issue. We offer contractors special financing so they can get what they need for their spray foam insulation business without predatory interest rates or surprise fees.

Intech Equipment and Supply offers in-house financing that starts at 12 months 0% interest and goes all the way up to 60 months. These convenient financing options offer many choices that will fit into your budget. Whether you want to split a large cost into 12 payments or make the monthly payment even lower with minimal interest, find out what to expect with our financing calculator.

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is a leading supplier of top spray foam spray foam insulation equipment brands like Graco and PMC. Our store has the experts and inventory that makes us a cut above the competition. Since each contractor's needs are different, our team of experts can customize a spray foam rig or equipment package with solutions that work for you.

Contact us if you need machinery or parts for your spray foam insulation business. Our team is ready to meet your unique spray foam insulation equipment needs.

About Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone is a leading expert in the spray foam insulation industry with 34 years of experience in spray foam fluid handling and a passion for innovation. He currently offers his extensive knowledge to Intech Equipment and Supply customers by supporting them in selecting quality spray foam equipment to optimize their business. Learn more about Kevin here.


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