Graco Spray Equipment: Reactor 3 Tips and Recommendations

By Kevin Malone

Graco is a well-known name in the spray foam industry. From the release of the original Reactor series in recent years to its next-gen upgrade through the Reactor 2 series, Graco spray equipment is packed with the features contractors need. Though Graco's manufacturing is top-notch, the company constantly seeks ways to increase its equipment's longevity, user-friendliness, and quality. In the words of Nick Pagano, Graco's Global Product Marketing Manager for Foam and Polyurea Equipment, 'The Reactor 3 proportioner project took a fresh look at the entire system. All components were updated from drum to gun to improve performance and increase reliability.'

Engineers and designers applied feedback from Reactor 2 users to create a sleek, updated line of Graco spray machines in the Reactor 3 series, officially unveiled in March 2022. Currently, the Reactor 3 series includes the E-20, E-30, E-XP1, and E-XP2. Each model can be ordered in standard, pro, and elite versions to align with specific contractor needs. What are some tips, tricks, and recommendations from spray foam industry pros?

What is New in The Graco Reactor 3 Series

The Reactor 3 series responds to the increased need for simpler, modernized Graco spray equipment with convenient automation and tracking capabilities. The Reactor 3 series includes several improvements that apply to all models ? standard to elite ? such as:

  • Redesigned Touchscreen Interface with Application Data Management (ADM) Software (with cellular updates) allows users to manage a handful of valuable automated features.
    • Auto Pressure Balancing
    • Smart Control
    • Smart Supply
    • Supply Pump Shutdown
    • Power Management
    • Resistance Control Mode
  • New Xcelerator internally heated hoses
    • A and B hoses are independently temperature controlled, optimizing spray patterns and SPF yields.
    • Heats up 40% faster and weighs 10% less than previous models.
  • Updated Core Electric Transfer Pumps
    • Communicate directly with the proportioner to create the best and most accurate mixes.
    • Reduces downtime
    • Runs more quietly than air-driven pumps
  • Connectivity to Reactor Connect, Graco's premier remote control and data reporting app.
  • Reactor Katalyst
    • Ensures that materials stay on-ratio
    • Allows the core electric transfer pumps to communicate directly with your spray foam machine.
  • More compact dimensions with a smaller footprint make the Reactor easier to fit in your rig.

The result is a system that self-monitors and automatically adjusts to environmental changes ? a genuinely modern upgrade to already excellent Graco spray machines.

Enjoy the convenience.

In Graco spray foam equipment, the Reactor 3 system embodies what next-generation intelligence and capability look like. All of the features listed above work together to maximize material yields to increase productivity and less downtime. This means you can monitor your job through Reactor Connect and rely on the improved Ratio Control through Reactor Katalyst.

Starting with a Lower-Tier Model

Graco's new Reactor 3 systems come in three tiers: Standard, Pro, and Elite. The system ensures that contractors pay for what they need and nothing extra. If your requirements change, there is no need to buy a whole new system because the Reactor 3 allows for upgrades.

For the best results, use the complete system.

If you plan to upgrade to the Reactor 3, get the whole experience by getting the spray foam industry's first fully-connected system for SPF and polyurea. It is the most advanced system when used together because the components are designed to communicate seamlessly from drum to gun. Contractors who have all the elements experience complete control and avoid the most common off-ratio issues like air in the fluid stream and unsuitable material feeds into the Reactor.

Finance Your Upgrades

Acquiring spray foam equipment involves a significant investment, which can force contractors to delay desirable upgrades. But timely purchases like a new Graco spray machine can expand your capabilities, especially if you are struggling with equipment that does not deliver the results you want. Whether you need to finance a new or used rig, we have payment plans. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Graco Reactor 3 for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

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