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Hoses and Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are a part of the operation that is easy to overlook, but their importance shouldn’t be underestimated. They are essential in keeping the individual spray foam components warmed to the right temperature while they are being transferred from the spray foam machine to the spray foam gun.

Heated Hose Construction

The way a heated hose typically works is via a copper wire band that is spiral wrapped down the hose inside of a protective polymer/butyl jacket. This wire or braid is supplied with low voltage electricity engineered at a pre-set electrical resistance level to create the heat. The heat is then conductively transferred from the outside of the hose into the liquid components within the hose.

The butyl jacket not only acts as a protective covering to protect the elements, but it has a low vapor transmission permeability level to prevent moisture from creeping into the hoses. This is important on the isocyanate (a-side) side, as moisture can react with iso, making it brittle and hard which can ultimately ruin a hose and lead to other processing problems.

Heated Hose Length

Heated hoses are available in assorted lengths – it’s not unusual for several lengths of hose to be combined in order to achieve maximum distance travel. This can be a big help when the logistics of the job site don’t allow the mobile rig or equipment to be set up close to the area where the spray foam is being applied.

Hose length is generally dictated by the specifications of the spray foam machine. A machine’s maximum hose length is typically in the 200-310 ft. range. Most spray foam machines will allow you to run at hose lengths shorter than the maximum rating, but running at lengths greater than the maximum rating can result in an inadequate heating situation. Most hose manufacturers build the heated hoses in 50 ft. lengths.

Longer Hose Lengths

Longer hose lengths require the machine to supply more electrical current (amps) to the hose to supplement the longer length. Some spray foam machines have built in electronics and sensors to read the length of heated hose and automatically set the required amperage. However, most spray foam equipment today uses a tap setting on the electric transformer that the operator manually sets to match the length of hose in use. Consequently, if you regularly change the length of heated hose, be aware that you may also have to make an adjustment of the machine for this.

Heated Hoses Are Essential

Intech Equipment & Supply offers a wide assortment of spray foam hoses and heated hoses. With options available at all price ranges, you can also find parts that fit within your budget. Visit our online store to browse our wide selection of hoses and heated hoses.



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