Innovative Ways Contractors Use Spray Foam Insulation Rigs 

By Kevin Malone

Spray foam is often praised for its ability to insulate buildings effectively, but there are many other innovative ways it is used in construction. If you have a spray foam rig or a small touch-up kit, you can apply spray foam to enhance a building's value beyond insulation. Here are just some of the exciting ways you can use spray foam to increase the quality of a residential or commercial building.


Do you intend to build a home near a busy street or loud neighborhood? Then, your future resident will appreciate the extra soundproofing that you can apply through spray foam in the walls. To cover the most ground without unexpected delays, get a spray foam rig with the latest generation of Reactor 3 machines from Graco. They are packed with new updates and automated features that prevent common SPF application issues.

In homes, water lines can make a surprising amount of noise when they are being used. But if you apply spray foam around the pipes, you can block the noise. And, as a bonus, you can keep these pipes insulated against freezing.

Noisy apartments are going to be a thing of the past, the more spray foam is used to insulate the walls between units. It's already mainstream in high-end condos and hotels, where you don't hear a peep from your neighbors.

Concrete Lifting/Slab Jacking

When old concrete buildings settle due to shifting foundations and wet soil, they become structurally unsound. This phenomenon is also seen in walkways that have uneven concrete slabs. While mud jacking is a viable solution to lift the concrete to its original height, it's heavy and takes a lot of effort to get results. However, spray foam is a surprisingly more efficient and effective solution. Apply it under a sinking concrete slab and just wait for the spray foam to effortlessly expand and lift everything back to its original state. The results are long-lasting too!

Plumbing Miracles

Over time, plumbing fixtures like shower heads can get wobbly and lose their original place. But if they are functionally sound, there's no reason to replace them quite yet. Apply a small amount of spray foam around the loose plumbing to stabilize it. This process is easier if you use a portable spray foam kit instead of a machine since you need to get into tight spaces. For example, spray a little around the base of a wobbly shower arm to lock it back into place (just be sure to reattach the cosmetic base covering to conceal the spray foam).

If you have some gaping holes in your walls from when plumbing fixtures were added, you can experience drafts or even leave your home open to field mice and bugs. Seal these holes with spray foam to fill in all the gaps for a more structurally sound home.

Aluminum sinks can be noisy. However, if you apply some spray foam on its underside, especially in the gap between a two-sided sink, you will enjoy less plumbing noise from this part of your kitchen.

Prevent Mold Growth in Walls

Corners are notorious places for moisture to pool in exterior walls. If you're building a new home or replacing some drywall, this is your chance to get some spray foam in the corners so that you reduce the chance of mold issues. You may use fiberglass or other methods of insulation in the remaining parts of the walls, but the corners should be protected with spray foam. But if you asked us our honest opinion, we would tell you to get more spray foam in those walls. It can only help reduce chances for water damage and make the house more insulated and quieter. Talk about a win-win.

If you need to know what type of spray foam insulation trailer you need to achieve some of these unique applications, contact the experts at Intech Equipment & Supply.

Need to finance a spray foam insulation rig?

The latest and greatest also comes with a higher price tag. But if you know that a certain spray foam insulation rig will take your business to the next level, it's worth the investment. If you don't have all the funds upfront, you can still get the best equipment through financing. We also finance used spray foam rigs if you need something that costs less. For more information, check out our convenient in-house financing calculator.

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