How Did Graco Spray Foam Rigs Become the Industry Standard?

By Kevin Malone

What does it take to become an industry standard? Why do some brands become household names, and others fall by the wayside? The key is to offer the best quality equipment that meets realistic needs consistently? and Graco has met and exceeded these expectations.

As more industries see the values of integrating spray foam insulation and waterproofing solutions, Graco stays astride with the demand. Understanding the diverse ways in which SPF is used in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, Graco manufactures proportioners, spray guns, and accessories that address the varying needs of these applications. In addition to creating equipment for both low and high output projects, Graco equipment is durable and easy to troubleshoot. Therefore, the Graco spray foam rig has developed a reputation of dependability to become an industry standard.

History of Graco

Graco began as the Gray Company in 1926 and started manufacturing air-powered, portable lubricators to improve the performance of grease guns in chilly Minnesota. From these humble beginnings as a local business, Graco proceeded to make solutions for fluid handling equipment for a variety of industries. By producing excellent, dependable products for each sector, Graco has expanded to become an international company. Today, Graco has become one of the best brands in the polyurethane spray foam industry. Their innovative solutions continue to lead the spray foam world and be an example of what great SPF equipment should be.

New Technology for Modern Contractors

Graco has vastly modernized spray foam equipment by considering the needs of SPF contractors in the digital age. For example, many of their new spray foam machines are compatible with the Graco InSite data system, which allows operators to see real-time readings of temperature, pressure, and SPF volume. There is also a GPS and wireless tracking in the system so that operators can know the machine's exact location. Operators get updates back to the cloud server every minute, and they can see specifics like gallons of materials used, and the data is sent right to a device. This allows people to check on the progress of a job from afar instead of needing to be present full-time.

Graco Offers a Dynamic Variety of Equipment

Graco has also kept in mind that every SPF contractor's needs are unique. Graco has optimized machines and equipment for every type of SPF application. The brand has a complete line of pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic spray foam machines, which can also be equipped with powerful pumps for concrete lifting. Graco also makes spray foam guns and SPF accessories like transfer pumps and heated hoses to optimize their equipment line.

Understanding that contractors are working on jobs that range from large-scale to small touch-ups, Graco has created spray foam equipment that can handle everything from rigorous industrial roofing jobs to small residential attic insulation projects. High-volume machines like the Reactor 2 H-50 have the output to meet the demands of industrial-scale projects. Meanwhile, the Reactor 2 E-20 is excellent for small to mid-scale contractors who consistently perform residential applications and touch-ups. With options like these available, Graco becomes a one-stop-shop for all sorts of spray foam contractors.

Graco Solutions Make SPF Applications Easier

Not only does Graco cater to a variety of contractors, but it also innovates on existing product lines to improve their performance. Having these solutions in Graco spray rigs makes applying spray foam faster and more convenient. Here are two of the many excellent solutions Graco has integrated into their equipment to improve the performance of their products.

  • ProConnect Technology: Graco Fusion ProConnect (PC) spray foam gun. The PC spray foam gun has a replacement cartridge head that replaces the fluid section such as the side seals and o-rings in a single cartridge. This means contractors have a much faster rebuild, which reduces downtime. Graco's ProConnect technology allows contractors to stock fewer parts and rebuild in seconds, Compared to replacing individual parts as with other spray foam guns, this time-saving mechanism can make a difference when time is of the essence.
  • The Ratio Assurance System: Graco's popular Reactor 2 machines are equipped with the Ratio Assurance System, which addresses the problem of off-ratio spraying. This system monitors the materials to make sure they are applied at the correct ratio and conditions. SPF requires a specific chemical reaction and exact proportions to work. It identifies any issues that can cause off-ratio spraying and helps troubleshoot any possible issues.

Graco Spray Foam Rigs For Sale

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