How to Buy Used Spray Foam Equipment

By Kevin Malone

How to Buy Used Spray Foam Equipment

Spray foam contractors benefit from having access tohigh-quality, used spray foam equipment. Whether it is a start-up business thatneeds to get on its feet or a well-established company that has experienced anuptick in client demand; affordable, usedspray foam equipment makes it possible for businesses to grow while on alimited budget. In the spray foam business, machines and equipment are known tobe particularly expensive due to the unique nature of spray foam applications,so deals are welcome.

Spray foam jobs also require precise tools and equipmentthat set materials to the right pressure and heat levels. If they don'tfunction well, they can clog, malfunction, or produce poor quality insulation.Having access to good, quality, affordable equipment can make all thedifference your profit and productivity. How should contractors determine whichused SPF equipment to purchase? Here's a quick guide on what to look for whenmaking a purchase.

Is it refurbished?

When you start shopping online for spray foam equipment used by other contractors, sometimes you may see deals that look good. Though some providers can slash the prices of the original cost significantly, these machines may not be certified refurbished. Buying this kind of equipment involves many risks. If you take it home and it doesn't work, will you be able to return it? Buying something at a discount but having it not work at all means you are throwing money away.

But when you buy from a spray foam equipment supplier like Intech Equipment and Supply, you can be sure that every piece of used equipment is thoroughly checked and refurbished. Instead of inspecting and fixing the machinery yourself, you save time by knowing that the SPF experts at Intech have already taken care of the testing.
We also offer as is machines and equipment for older obsolete units as well.  All you have to do is get to work!

We also offer as is machines and equipment for older obsolete units as well.  All you have to do is get to work!

Does it come with a warranty?

Many suppliers and individuals selling their old equipment simply want to get rid of their stock. You have to look hard for a vendor who will include a warranty with their used equipment. Intech Equipment & Supply is one of the few vendors out there who doesn't just provide refurbished spray foam equipment, but they also provide a warranty.

This means that the buyer can take home the used equipmentwithout feeling any financial risk. If anything goes wrong with the spray foamequipment within the warranty period, they can return it and get something elseto replace it. When every penny counts, this is a great reassurance.

Consider the availability of replacement parts.

Used equipment from defunct brands or discontinued modelswill likely need replacement parts for repairs. It's important to make surethat the model you're buying still has replacement parts available. After all,what is the value of buying a less expensive machine if you can't find anyparts to fix it if it breaks down?

However, when you purchase from Intech, we will make recommendations about the most durable equipment and be honest with you about the availability of replacement parts for your desired purchase. Knowing the risk of buying an extremely affordable machine with discontinued parts is important to know before you commit to buy. To save you time, we can verify that the model's parts and troubleshooting support are still available.

Do your research.

Think about shopping for used equipment like you would avehicle. Before making a serious commitment, you research the common complaintsabout a certain vehicle's model, make, and year. The same precaution applies tospray foam equipment. Here are some questions to ask to steer you toward theright product.

  • How old is the spray foam equipment?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Does it have any obvious flaws or issues? This mayinclude decayed hoses, crystallization in filters, or signs of deterioration inspray foam guns.
  • How are online reviews of this product? Are therecommon complaints that raise red flags?
  • What is this equipment's repair history?
  • Has it been appraised in the last year?
  • When was its last service date?
  • How has this equipment been maintained? Did theprevious owner flush the hoses before storage?

When you invest in used spray foam equipment, you need to ensure that your purchase will go far. By selecting fully vetted, refurbished equipment that is under warranty, you can select the best products for your business.

Intech Carries Used Spray Foam Equipment

At Intech Equipment and Supply,we offer quality used spray foam equipment to help you get the job done right----without breaking the bank. Also, ask us about what credits you can get fortrading in your current spray foam equipment.

Contact us to check out our diverse stock of used spray foam equipment.


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