How to Care for Your Graco Spray Foam Equipment

By Kevin Malone

How to Care forYour Graco Spray Foam Equipment 

If you have purchased Graco products for your spray foam business, you have made a valuable investment. This brand is well-known for its excellent quality and longevity. There have also been continued advancements toward simplifying Graco machines and guns to make maintenance and repairs quicker than ever.?

Buteven with great innovations, you can't cut corners on regular maintenance. Bytaking care of your equipment, you can maximize its life and spend less onreplacements.

Here's how to maintain your Graco spray foam equipment to make the most of your time and money.

It Starts with MaterialHandling

  • Watch out for crystals forming in the drum. As you apply spray foam, the level of material drops in the drum. This allows more space for air and moisture to enter the drum and increases the chance for crystals to form. To reduce the chance of this happening, use a desiccant cartridge to filter out the moisture that enters the drum.
  • Be prepared for your climate.
    • Contractors who work in consistently cold temperatures need products like the Powerblanket BH55RR to keep their drums warm enough so that the materials stay at the right viscosity.?
    • Hot weather and humidity can make materials prone to crystallization, which is why a high-temperature air dryer is important for contractors who consistently work in warm climates.

Maintaining GracoSpray Foam Guns

  • Check for Moisture. Air Purge Guns need tobe left on during its entire operation and routinely checked for any moistureinside that can cause blockage, just like in your material drum. 
  • Check the filterscreensand clean them daily to remove any blockage.
  • Keep the gun's exteriorclean.Use a spray cover to prevent materials to build up around the gun, and if itrequires cleaning after the job, you can clean it with your preferredsolution. 
  • Clean and lubricate theguns parts.After every work day, contractors should also clean and lubricate the gun'sparts. This includes the mix chamber's main port. Staying diligent with thiscleaning will keep the spray pattern consistent.
  • Follow all start-up andshut-down directionsfor your Graco spray foam guns at the beginning and end of each day. If youhave any questions about what's required for your equipment, contact us atIntech.

Hose Maintenance

One of the unsung heroes in the field is the heated hose. Too often is this valuable part driven over or dragged around. This inevitably causes damage and inconsistent pressure from compressed areas. But if the hose isn't working right, you can't apply spray foam evenly.

  • Tocombat premature wear and tear during transport, invest in a Graco Hose Rack Kit that can properly store andtransport up to 310 feet of heated hose. 
  • Whenyou're actively working in the job site, be extra careful to not run anyvehicles over the hose. As tempting as it may be to cut corners to save time,you'll be losing money from having to purchase a new hose too soon. 
  • Movingthe hose safely should be a team effort. don't get one person to drag the hosearound, but instead get two or more people to carefully raise it and move itaway from any hazards.

Shop for Graco Spray Foam Equipment at Intech

As you can see, caring for your equipment requires great consistency and diligence. If you need any help getting the right lubricants and cleaners for your Graco spray foam equipment, contact us at Intech Equipment & Supply. We're dedicated to helping you run a successful spray foam business.

About Kevin Malone
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