How to Get A Good Deal On A Spray Foam Rig

By Kevin Malone

A big part of running a successful business is managing cash flow. Between overhead costs, payroll, and other expenses, buying new equipment can add a strain to your budget. This is why finding a good deal on a spray foam rig is important. Spray foam equipment that is built to last is priced according to quality. So it can be difficult to find a good price. Here are some ways to get a good deal on a spray foam rig.

Buy Only What You Need

Use your dollars wisely by buying only what you need. If you typically do mid-output residential applications, then there is no need for an expensive hydraulic system. Though the bells and whistles are nice, if you buy spray foam rig equipment that is too expensive, you will pay for advanced features that you do not need. This simply means you will have paid a higher upfront cost for no gain. Instead, consider a mid-output electric machine like the Reactor E-20 that can do the job just as well and does not offer the ultra-high power that you do not need. When you maximize performance and cost, you can grow your business at a stable rate. You will also have the peace of mind that you have invested in a rig that meets your needs and did not pay more for it than you needed to.

On a similar note, trying to cut corners when you need a higher-powered machine is bad for business. Having too little output or power can put you behind schedule and end up hurting your reputation as a dependable contractor.

Buy Equipment from Reliable Brands

It can be tempting to find a lower-cost machine from an unvetted brand. However, you risk operating the machine without support or may not be able to get replacement parts easily. Though you pay more upfront for equipment from well-established brands, this decision can actually save you money in the long run. Stable companies offer good warranties and it is easy to find replacement parts and get support when you need it.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we highly recommend Graco and PMC for contractors who are building a spray foam rig. These companies have done business successfully for decades and they also offer a wide range of spray foam solutions to meet contractors' needs from entry-level to high-output industrial machines. This vast industry knowledge results in reliable equipment that offers features you really need.

Get the Right Size Spray Foam Rig

There are different sized spray foam rigs from mini trailers to massive box trucks. Your business is unique and you need the right size rig that works for the types of projects you typically work on. There is little gain in getting a large trailer when you normally do residential insulation work. that only requires a medium-size trailer with entry-level equipment. We offer everything from mini rigs to large box trucks in which you can store many proportioners.

Integrate Used Equipment Strategically

Not all quality equipment has to be in mint condition from a factory. You can find good-quality machines, guns, and other parts for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. When used equipment is maintained and vetted for performance it can still deliver years of use. Furthermore, used equipment has already depreciated in cost. So you are not paying extra simply because it is brand new.

At Intech, we check all used equipment works to ensure it has been well maintained by its previous owners. Ask us how we can customize your rig with used equipment to save you money. We also help you build a used spray foam rig and also offer trucks and trailers that will help with more savings.

Take Advantage of Financing

If your business is growing rapidly and you need more equipment now, taking advantage of financing options is a good idea. For instance, you can split the cost into small monthly payments that you can easily integrate into your monthly expenses. You might also consider financing equipment if you need a lot of equipment, need an advanced new hydraulic machine so you can take on larger jobs, or buy a spray foam rig that is critical to your growth. For more information, check out our financing calculator to learn about your options that are available to you.

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