Increase Spray Time with the Carlisle IS40 Proportioner

By Kevin Malone

The spray foam industry has long been known for its complexity and need for specialized equipment. For this reason, manufacturers have continued to improve their products by finding solutions to common contractor complaints. As a result, contractors have more options than ever to reduce sprayer downtime and make consistent results.

Recently, Carlisle introduced the IntelliSpray System, which incorporates many significant improvements to the typical SPF spray system. Overall, its smart, modern design cuts labor and material costs, decreases downtime and assures true ratio control. Carlisle calls the system a 'smarter, more durable rig,' and contractors around the country are praising its capabilities.

Built by spray operators for spray operators, the Carlisle spray foam system paves the way for a bright future of more accurate and faster spraying. You can find all the vital components of this forward-thinking system at Intech Equipment & Supply, including the stellar IS40 proportioner.

Valuable Time-Savings

Part of the Carlisle Spray Foam System, the IS40 proportioner is the first spray foam machine in the IntelliSpray system to hit the market. It is designed to be reliable, on-ratio, and easy to use. It promises no more re-dos and off-ratio jobs, and greater than 99% ratio accuracy with monitoring and controlling. These are its main strengths:

  • Fast warmup: When used with the QuickHeat hose,the IS40 can warm up in under 15 minutes, which is so far one of the quickest startups in the industry.
  • Fast learning curve: The IS40 is designed to be easy enough for a novice to use. This simpler equipment means operators spend less time learning how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the machine.
  • Higher outputs: the IntelliSpray system produces 5% to 15% higher yields than current competitors. When used as an entire system ? the IS40 proportioner, QuickHeat hose, and the first Carlisle spray foam gun ? the ST-1 is a true team. More spray foam in less time means faster completion rates and more earning potential.
  • Automated procedures and monitoring: When more of the logistics are left to the machine's powerful software, you do not have to spend time worrying about the small details.
  • Remote monitoring and control: The IntelliSense Remote Control allows you to adjust settings and controls from your smartphone or tablet. When the situation changes, you do not need to rush back to the job site, but instead, you can save plenty of time by adjusting settings remotely. 
  • No more re-dos: The system'sTrue Ratio Assurance uses independent, servo-driven motors and sensors that control the flow of materials to ensure proper ratios.
  • Better design: The IS40 prevents common equipment issues, such as exposed throat seals and piston rods, with better design. These factors usually cause ISO crystallization and wear of packings.

What Contractors Want

Boasting a 'simple, intuitive design,' the IS40 from Carlisle is the product of years of research and expertise. Created by a world-class team of engineers, technicians, and business owners, the IS40 embodies the future of the ever-growing SPF industry.

As is true with all Carlisle spray foam equipment, it is designed to address many SPF operators' biggest needs, which include ease of use, easy troubleshooting, and time-saving measures. Long story short: The IS40 is a leap forward in SPF technology and it is the future of spray foam.

  • Easy-to-use interface: The spacious 15-inch touchscreen display is easy to navigate, like a smartphone app. This intuitive setup makes it easy for even novices to access information and configuration settings to manage performance. 
  • Advanced automation: Managing an SPF job is already complicated, so the IS40's automated startup, shut-down, job recordkeeping, and material changes free the operator to take care of other issues. This makes the machine easier to use and boosts productivity.
  • Ready to use: It does not require a lot of tedious setup. Designed like technology for everyday people, the IS40 is ready to use out of the box.

Carlisle calls IntelliSpray the first 'truly intelligent' spray foam system. With so many advanced features that take tedium away from the spraying job, it is an investment that is worth the upgrade.

Closing the Knowledge Gap

Addressing frustrations from industry sprayers, Carlisle tackled the main complaint: That equipment 'requires too much expertise.' The IntelliSpray equipment system was designed to reduce the operator's dependency on system experts so that they can be free to use the system without worrying about interruptions.

  • Accessible training: Carlisle offers 24/7 on-demand training on their website, on the IntelliSpray mobile app, and directly from the spray foam machine's interface. Total instruction can be completed in less than a day.
  • Know exactly what to do: The machine has advanced sensors and monitoring that tell operators exactly where a problem is happening and when filters need to be cleaned.
  • Easier repairs: The IS40 allows front access for all standard maintenance and fixes so that you do not have to spend too much time on the task. Even an entire module can be replaced in just minutes.

Carlisle IS40 Proportioners for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Suited for contractors of all levels, the IntelliSpray system has been used by diverse business types, including industry experts, entry-level techs, sole operators, and multi-rig businesses. Verified feedback praises the system for its effectiveness, simplicity, and dependability.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers the latest spray foam equipment, training, and comprehensive customer support. If you are interested in Carlisle spray foam equipment, speak with our sales team today. Take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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