How to Operate a Graco Gusmer Spray Foam Machine

By Kevin Malone

The Graco Gusmer GH-2 is a versatile spray foam machine thatis used in both residential and commercial settings, and for and concretelifting. It is a popular choice for contractors because it's easy to serviceand maintain. The Gusmer GH-2 is a hydraulic system that promises outstandingperformance at a competitive price.

Operating this machine is a multi-step process. Depending on how you set up your machine and what spray foam gun you use, the operational details differ. For more complete information, please consult the 110-page manual available on our online store. Here are the basics on how to operate a Graco Gusmer Spray Foam machine.

Operating a Graco Gusmer Spray Foam Machine

The general schema for operating the Graco Gusmer GH-2 comes in three steps:

  • Startup
  • Spraying
  • Shutdown

Also, if you're using your machine for the first time, youneed to go through the setup procedure to ensure optimal performance and usersafety.


Basic setup involves mounting the system, grounding it, and connecting it to an appropriate power source. You will also need to set up its finer components to ensure compatibility with the heated hoses. This process also involves the adjustments of key settings to ensure proper temperature and pressure level. When you receive your brand new Gusmer GH-2, you can set it up in three ways:

  • Withoutcirculation: doesn't use additional recirculation lines.
  • Connect thespray foam machine Manifold to Drum Circulation: Uses recirculation linesto circulate fluid through the system to preheat the drum supply.
  • Connect the gunmanifold to drum circulation: Uses recirculation lines to circulate thefluid through the gun manifold. This preheats the heated hose more rapidly thanany other option.

If you need help setting up your Graco Gusmer GH-2 for thefirst time, please contact customer care and wewe'll be glad to assist you.


After you establish the preliminary settings, you're readyto for the startup phase. Before every use, you need to check certaincomponents like the fluid inlet filter, TSL reservoir, the material levels ineach drum, the hydraulic fluid levels, and generator fluid levels (ifapplicable). Here are the proceeding steps to start up your Gusmer GH-2.

  1. Turn on the agitator (if applicable).
  2. Turn both pressure relief valves to 'spray'.
  3. Turn on the feed pumps.
  4. Open the inlet valves and check them for leaks.
  5. Hold the gun manifold over two grounded waste containers. Open the needle valves until clean, air-free fluid emerges from them. Then, close the valves.
  6. Turn off the motor power switch.
  7. Turn the pump control switch to 'neutral'.
  8. Set temperature controllers.
  9. Preheat the system.
  10. Set cycle countdown (if desired).

Now, your spray foam machine is ready for the 'spraying' phase.


The exact operational guidelines depend on the type of gunyou use. Graco uses the Fusion AP or Probler P2 as examples in the manual. Hereare the general guidelines for spraying with the Gusmer GH-2:

  1. Turn the pump control switch to 'neutral' and the motor power switch 'off'.
  2. Engage the gun's piston safety lock.
  3. Close the gun fluid inlet valves A and B.
  4. Attach gun manifold and connect the gun airline.
  5. Open the airline valve.
  6. Adjust the gun air pressure and don't go over 130 psi.
  7. Set pressure relief valves to 'spray'.
  8. Make sure that the heat zone switches are on and temperatures are on the desired setting.
  9. Verify that the inlet valves on both fluid pumps are open.
  10. Turn the pressure monitor knob 'off'.
  11. Start the hydraulic motor by activating the motor power switch.
  12. Turn the pump control switch to 'pump'.
  13. Set the hydraulic pressure adjuster to your desired fluid stall pressure.
  14. Check the fluid outlet pressure gauges to verify that there is a proper pressure balance.
  15. Set pressure monitor (if desired).
  16. Open the gun's fluid inlet valves A and B.
  17. Disengage piston safety lock on the spray gun.
  18. Pull the gun's trigger to perform a test spray. Adjust the temperature or pressure if necessary.

Standby mode: Ifyou need to stop spraying for a while, you can either go through the shutdownprocedure and pressure relief procedure or recirculate fluids at lower pressuresuntil you're ready to work again. 


When your hard work is done, it's time to properly shut downthe Gusmer GH-2 to ensure longevity and proper function.

  1. Turn the pressure monitor knob to 'off'.
  2. Turn the pump control switch to 'park'.
  3. Trigger the gun or relieve pressure using the pressure relief valve on the spray foam machine manifold.
  4. Turn the motor power switch 'off' when the pump is in the leftmost position.
  5. Turn all the heat zone switches 'off'.
  6. Turn the main power disconnect to 'off'
  7. If applicable, turn off the air compressor, air dryer, and breathing air.
  8. Turn off the feed pumps.
  9. Close both of the fluid inlet valves.
  10. Relieve any remaining pressure by following the Graco official Pressure Relief Procedure. This step is vital to ensure your safety.

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