How to Outfit Your PMC Spray Foam Rig with the Right Equipment

By Kevin Malone

Before you outfit your PMC spray foam rig, you will want to take a moment to consider the types of jobs you will be doing, the areas where you will typically be working, and the type of foam you plan to use. Each will have an impact on which equipment will best serve your needs.

There is a big difference in equipment and costs for light residential work, mid-production spray foam equipment or heavy-duty industrial equipment.

Choose the Right-Fit Spray Foam Machine

At the center of your spray foam rig is your PMC spray foam machine, so you want to make sure you get the right model. This is one area where you do not want to skimp on quality. If your spray foam machine cannot perform at the level you need, the rest of your equipment will not matter much.

It is important to get the right fit, which will be your biggest decision. The other components you choose will depend on the type of proportioner you choose. For example, the heater and compressor's size will determine whether you can run on a generator (and what size generator you need) or shore power.

Some of the more popular options include:

Intech Equipment & Supply experts stand by to help discuss your workload and find the right PMC spray foam machine.

Invest in High-Quality PMC Spray Foam Guns

PMC offers several spray foam gun options, including mechanical and air purge. Popular options include:

Each is a lightweight, versatile, PMC spray foam gun with short trigger strokes to reduce operator fatigue. You will want to align your choice of spray foam gun with your machine to get optimal performance.

Air Compressor

Compressors provide the air pressure needed for several components to work properly. A lack of required air pressure to transfer pumps can reduce feed capacity, yield, or cause improper mixing. If your spray foam gun does not have enough air pressure, you can get trigger lag and limited ability to self-clean an air-purge gun.


Unless you can run on-shore power at every job site, you will need a generator to supply the power. Your choice of generators will also depend on the electrical load of your PMC spray foam machine and any other equipment requirements.

Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are necessary to maintain the consistent temperature of the spray foam mixture as it transfers from the proportioner to the spray foam gun. You can choose from multiple products, including:

Transfer Pump

Transfer pumps move the chemicals from the drums to the spray foam machine. The best transfer pumps will allow for a quick transfer, especially when changing between drums. You will want quick disconnects. The ideal solution is based on your viscosity of materials, desired output rate, available air pressure, and interior height of your spray foam rig.


You will also need to right-size your trailer with an eye to the future. If you are considering taking on industrial or larger-volume jobs, you should get a trailer with a bit more space. For example, the PMC PH-2 spray foam rig can fit within a 14 or 18.5-foot trailer, while you might want to step up to the 20-foot rig for the PMC PH 40.

You will also need to determine whether you want a pull-behind or self-powered spray foam vehicle.

Misc. Equipment

You should also consider the management of water, water vapor, and oil in your spray foam rig. To prevent damage to equipment, you may want to invest in water separators to manage moisture accumulation, air dryers to prevent overheating and mitigate water vapor, and oil coalescing filters to prevent oil in the compressor from impacting the air dryer.

Plus, you will want to ensure you have proper safety equipment, including respirators and personal protective equipment (PPEs), first aid supplies, a fire extinguisher, and an eye wash station.

Outfitting Your Spray Foam Rig

You will have to make several crucial decisions to outfit your PMC spray foam rig with the right equipment. We are here to help. Intech Equipment & Supply has decades of experience to help you equip your spray foam rig, including design, configuration, and installation. We also offer pre-built spray foam rig packages that can provide everything you need to get up and running quickly.

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