The Graco Spray Equipment You Need for Your Big Rig

By Kevin Malone

Painting professionally is a satisfying career that improves the lives of people every day. You get to update interiors to increase their value, spruce up buildings for a more modern look, and even decorate various elements like doors and furniture. If you paint full time, you know that it is a physically demanding job too — which makes it necessary to have a painting rig that is full of the best equipment.

When it comes to high quality gear, you need more than just hand rollers and a few edging brushes. A Graco Big Rig paint sprayer should be in your rig as a go-to, high-volume sprayer that can cover a lot of ground. What Graco Spray equipment is the most recommended for a full-time painter? Here are the Graco hydraulic sprayers that you need for your painting rig.

Introducing Intech’s Best Sellers

There are a lot of airless paint sprayers on the market, which makes things downright confusing after you keep on shopping. How do you know which model and brand is right for you? Sometimes, having more choices can leave you more flustered than if you just get an expert to pick out their recommendations— so that’s what we did at Intech.

Our pros have experience in different lines of contracting work like spray foam and commercial painting, so we know what is going to work — and last! Currently, our best-selling paint sprayers all come from Graco, one of the world’s leading brands and the company that invented the airless paint sprayer. Here are the best-selling models from our store:

  • Graco GH733 (or GH733ES for electric start) is one of our best-selling sprayers for painters and roofing contractors. It’s an excellent machine that can spray a broad range of materials that are applicable to modern construction. Having this equipment in your rig expands your contracting capabilities and ensures the speedy and accurate application of many materials. Whether you need to apply paints, primers, acrylics, block filler, coal tar, contact cement, elastomerics, enamel, epoxies, fibered aluminum emulsion, fibered asphalt emulsion, mastics, non-fibered aluminum emulsion, non-fibered asphalt emulsion, polyester coatings, polyurethane, texture mud, or waterproofing materials, this Big Rig can handle the job.
  • The GH 833 is like the 733 but has a couple of extra features like the MaxLife Endurance Pump instead of the 733’s Chromex pump rod, which is equipped with its exclusive MaxLife rod and sleeve for even better durability. It also has an efficient flow-through filter system with an inside-out design that eliminates nuisance clogs in tips and filters. The GH833 applies the same materials as the 733ES as well as burmastics.
  • The GH 933 sprays heavy coatings that are hard to atomize like silicon and intumescents — something that lower pressured sprayers can’t do. It’s one of our top picks for roofing contractors or anyone that needs higher pressure for longer hoses. The GH 933 is also adept at applying waterproofing and fireproofing materials to roofs and other surfaces.
  • The GMAX II 7900 is Graco’s largest gas mechanical sprayer. It’s uniquely designed to handle exterior residential, heavy commercial, and industrial work — so keep it handy for the big jobs! For the contractor who needs the utmost versatility beyond painting, this Big Rig is it. This model uses the widest tip size range and can use different types of spray guns. Like the GH 933, it also has high pressure to handle longer hose lengths and heavier coatings.In particular, the GMAX II is excellent for working with latex, oil-Based primers, epoxies, block fillers, dryfall paint, and elastomerics.

Graco Big Rigs: Saving Painters Time and Money

Since Big Rigs can spray a wide range of materials, it is useful to contractors who work in different specialties. It’s particularly beneficial for painters who need to prime, paint, and apply even coatings on a strict timeline. Roll painting the traditional way is effective, but it requires a lot of elbow grease and ladder work.

A Graco hydraulic sprayer eliminates the laborious repetitive motions of hand rolling and can be equipped with sprayer extenders to reduce the need for ladders when covering high areas. Not to mention, spraying paint is at least twice as fast as hand rolling but can even be exponentially faster depending on the project type. If you are a painter looking for a dependable solution to cut your time at least by half, a Graco Big Rig paint sprayer may be right for you.

On a Budget? Try Used Equipment or In-House Financing

We understand that every business has various budgets and goals. If you need a Graco Big Rig but can’t pay upfront, then you can still get the equipment you need through our convenient in-house financing options. This allows us to split the cost into manageable monthly payments. There are several flexible payment plans available for both new and used equipment. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Custom Spray Foam Rigs at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is proud to be a leading supplier of mobile spray foam rigs and contracting equipment. Whether you need a Graco Big Rig paint sprayer, spray foam equipment, accessories, or replacement parts, we have a hand-picked inventory waiting for you.

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