Why Every Commercial Painter Needs a Graco Hydraulic Sprayer

By Kevin Malone

Painting is hard work that requires precision and a keen eye for quality. With the right tools, you can get excellent results. While painting by hand with high-quality rollers can certainly give you pristine outcomes, it takes a lot of time and equipment. On top of that, covering large areas in commercial projects can take a long time.

If you plan to paint large areas beyond residential projects, then a high-powered Graco hydraulic sprayer is suitable for the job. At Intech Equipment and Supply, our best-selling hydraulic sprayers come from Graco, a brand contractors have trusted for nearly a century for fluid-handling equipment. Here are some reasons why every commercial painter needs a Graco spray machine.

Reason #1: Because Hand Rolling Is Exhausting

Let’s face it — though hand rolling is excellent for applying paint in small areas or places that require the utmost precision, it can be back-breaking work if you need to cover large areas with high ceilings. In fact, hand rolling burns up to 300 calories an hour, depending on your weight. Also, you’ll need plenty of ladders and teamwork to ensure that you can reach high areas and apply even coats. Meanwhile, spraying paint does not involve exhausting repetitive motions, which makes it possible for contractors to stay in this business longer without causing injury to their shoulders or back.

Reason #2: Because Hydraulic Sprayers Apply Paint Evenly

When it comes to hand rolling, the type of nap and material can affect how much paint is absorbed in the roll. While some premium rollers work excellently and apply even coats, there are other types that apply uneven blotches of paint, or even waste paint by drying out too quickly.

Though skilled hands can overcome these obstacles, part-time painters have difficulty achieving an even coat with this method. However, airless paint sprayers solve this problem by allowing the user to select a tip to customize the spray width and thickness of each coating. There are no rollers or nap measurements to deal with — all you have to do is protect your painting area and start spraying.

Reason #3: Because Hand Rolling Wastes Time

A paint sprayer allows you to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, allowing you to work at least twice as quickly compared to hand rolling. Cutting your time in half means that you can earn twice as much painting in the same amount of time you would spend hand rolling. Also, in most cases, you can complete paint jobs even more quickly because you don’t have to worry about uneven sprays and having to go back with a roller to fill in bare spots.

Reason #4: Because Graco hydraulic sprayers save you time.

In different circumstances, paint sprayers can save contractors time. In some cases, sprayers can cut job times in half, while in other types of projects, sprayers can be exponentially faster. Overall, a Graco hydraulic sprayer can save a painter about 15-30 seconds per pass. This is because the spray tip ensures the right amount of paint width and thickness with each pass, unlike rollers that consistently lose paint volume with each roll.

Reason #5: Because hydraulic sprayers expand your capabilities.

What do you do with your sprayer when you’re not painting? Well, there are a variety of coatings that Graco Big Rig sprayers can apply that can help you with other commercial projects. For example, if you need to complete a spray foam roof, you can use a Graco hydraulic sprayer to apply elastomerics to make the roof 100% waterproof.

Graco Big Rigs like the GH733 can also apply acrylics and epoxies, which are used in a variety of ways, in addition to over a dozen other materials. The material capabilities just increase as you go up in model numbers. For example, the GH-833 can apply all of the GH733’s materials as well as burmastics. Then, you have the GH933 that uses high pressure to allow longer hoses and the application of intumescents and silicon.

Graco Big Rigs at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is proud to be a leading supplier of mobile spray foam rigs and equipment. Whether you need Graco spray machine, spray foam equipment, or replacement parts — trust the experts at Intech. We also have several flexible in-house payment plans available. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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