Why Now is the Time for a Graco Big Rig Paint Sprayer

By Kevin Malone

Painting can dramatically improve the appearance of a building’s interior and exterior. Not only can it hide stubborn stains and modernize a room, but it can boost curb appeal by refreshing the appearance of siding, porches, and other outdoor living areas. However, painting by hand to cover large areas is exhausting and takes a lot of time. On the other hand, paint sprayers can save you time with the added guarantee of an even and predictable application.

With hand rolling, the process is slower, and the application can be too heavy on one side and too light in other areas, which requires more coatings to even out surfaces. This results in wasted time and materials. If you’re a contractor with various skill sets that include painting, then a Graco hydraulic sprayer can create better results with each job. You also get the Graco quality guarantee. Curious about what it can do for you? Find out more reasons why now is a great time to get a Graco Big Rig paint sprayer.

#1: Because all you have to gain is time.

In practically every painting job, airless paint sprayers save contractors time. Sometimes, people argue that protecting edges with tape and covering furniture evens out the time spent, but professionals who roll paint take these precautions too. Overall, paint sprayers save contractors 15 to 30 seconds per pass.

For example, if your task is to paint 25 doors for a commercial building, it would take 8 hours when hand rolling. This is because you need precise strokes to get into detailed grooves typically found in interior doors. However, a hydraulic paint sprayer can perfectly coat a door in 30 seconds by filling out multi-leveled surfaces. This is 16 times faster than traditional hand rolling. If you have a large commercial project with significant interior and exterior painting needs, there is no contest here. Here are some other stats:

  • A small bathroom typically takes 2 hours of hand rolling but 10 minutes of spraying.
  • Painting the walls and ceiling of a standard apartment takes about 34 hours with hand rolling. Meanwhile, it takes around one day with a paint sprayer.

Imagine what you can do when you need to cover more space and work with wide-open commercial constructions. There isn’t much masking and prep to hold you back, either. You have nothing to gain but time!

#2: Because the coatings are guaranteed to be even.

Graco Big Rigs are designed for heavy-duty spraying. Each machine is compatible with a range of spray tips that can customize your spraying patterns. When you choose the correct airless sprayer tip, you can decide how wide your sprayer will paint with each turn. Each tip also guarantees a level of thickness for each turn. Stick to Graco’s recommendations for tip selection for different material types to ensure the best results.

  • Oil-based paint: .013-.015
  • Latex paint: .015-.019
  • Heavy latex paint: .025+

You may also find the recommended paint tip size and pressure on the paint can so that you always have the right idea of what you need.

#3: Graco Big Rigs: more than just paint sprayers.

Speaking of different materials, a Graco Big Rig can apply various other coatings beyond paint, such as lacquers, stains, elastomerics, and block fillers, which are highly useful for diversifying your line of work. Different models can apply a select range of materials along with paint, so pick your model carefully. Call our experts today if you have any questions about what model you should choose. For starters, here are best-selling Graco Big Rig paint sprayers:

  • Graco GH733: This outstanding paint sprayer can also apply over 19 other types of coatings vital to construction projects.
  • Graco GH833: This model is much like the GH733 but with a few extra enhancements and can spray burmastics. 
  • Graco GH 933: This is a favorite model for roofing contractors because it can apply materials that require high pressure. 
  • Graco GMAX II 7900: Graco’s largest gas mechanical sprayer is optimized for exterior, residential, heavy commercial, and industrial projects. It’s a great choice for someone who needs power and versatility.

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