Why Serious Painters Use a Graco Hydraulic Sprayer

By Kevin Malone

Professional equipment is a must when you want to take your painting to the next level. While high-quality paint rollers and edging brushes get the job done, it can take twice as long — or even 16 times longer — to complete a paint job to satisfaction. Therefore, if you want to boost your bottom line in painting jobs, then an airless paint sprayer will maximize your time.

Serious painters use a Graco hydraulic sprayer for a variety of reasons. Each benefit relates to improving how you work and increasing your profit potential. If you have been on the fence about investing in one of our best-selling Graco sprayers, here are some reasons to go all in. If you need help finding the right Graco Big Rig paint sprayer for your needs, contact the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply today!

Introducing Our Best Selling-Models

When you start shopping for airless paint sprayers, there are a lot of choices in the market. Though this is a good sign of healthy market competition, it doesn’t make it easy for a contractor to decide. This is what makes Intech’s store different.

Our entire inventory is vetted by professionals who work in sprayfoam, painting, and other general contracting work. This is why you’ll see a shorter list of hydraulic rigs at our store. Namely, we stick by Graco, a highly dependable brand that has been a contractor favorite for decades. Here are our best-selling Graco big rigs.

  • Graco GH733: This Big Rig is ideal for any contractor that doesn’t need to apply high-pressure coatings like burmastics or silicon. It’s an outstanding paint sprayer that can also do double duty as a diverse coating machine.
  • Graco GH833: This is an augmented version of the GH733 that has a few extra features like the Flow-Through Filter System that has a proprietary inside/out design that eliminates clogged filters and eliminates tip clogs.
  • Graco GH 933:  When you’re a painter but also participate in a lot of work that involves spraying heavy-bodied materials, the GH 933 has the high-pressure capabilities you need. It’s a favorite for roofing contractors for its wide range of material applications. Specifically, it can apply everything on the GH-833’s list plus silicon and intumescents.
  • Graco GMAX II 7900: If you need power and the utmost versatility, then this is the one for you. The GMAX is made for exterior residential, heavy commercial, and industrial work.

Reason #1: Because It’s easier for contractors of all skill levels to paint professionally.

If hand rolling was efficient enough, then paint sprayers wouldn’t have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few decades. Though we’re not here to knock the traditional ways, hand rolling does take more strength and niche skills. Formerly, you needed to have that “magic touch” to make rolled paint look great. But with a paint sprayer, it’s much easier to deliver professional results that include even coats. All you need to do is secure your edges and apply paint at an even rate. With different paint tips, you can customize the width and thickness of each coating too!

Reason #2: Because it’s a major time saver.

In smaller projects, the difference between paint rolling and spraying is marginal, but it’s at least twice as fast. However, in larger projects, a sprayer’s ability to paint offers a noticeable time difference. For example, painting a large number of doors with an airless sprayer is 16 times faster than hand rolling. The steady pressure and fan spray pattern ensure that an even coat of paint is applied on a variety of surfaces too, which minimizes the need to go back in with a detailing brush. You can paint ceilings and walls at least twice as quickly compared to hand rolling too.

Reason #3: Because it’s easier on the body.

Hand rolling isn’t just a slower process, but it burns a lot of energy. In fact, it can be quite the workout. Depending on your weight, you can burn between 200-300 calories an hour hand rolling paint. Meanwhile, simply holding a nozzle and directing paint on walls requires far less elbow grease. If you need to save your shoulders and back,  then a paint sprayer will protect your energy reserves. But by all means, if you want a great workout, keep a few paint rollers on standby!

Reason #4: Because you can do more than paint.

Since a Graco hydraulic sprayer comes with a premium price tag, you can be sure it can do more than just paint. For example, Graco’s GH733 isn’t just a painter’s best friend, but it’s a general contractor’s go-to sprayer. Roofers can use it to apply elastomerics and waterproofing materials. The GH733 also applies acrylics, block filler, coal tar, contact cement, enamel, epoxies, fibered aluminum emulsion, fibered asphalt emulsion, mastics, non-fibered aluminum emulsion, non-fibered asphalt emulsion, polyester, polyurethane, primers, and texture mud. How’s that for a jack of all trades?

Reason #5: Because Graco stands for quality.
Since the 1920s, Graco has developed an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of fluid-handling equipment. In fact, Graco made the first airless paint sprayer in 1958, giving the world a standard to follow. Over the years, Graco has improved on its models, offering new product lines that offered even better spraying experiences. You can depend on Graco sprayers to deliver consistent results compared to budget sprayers every time.

Graco Hydraulic Sprayers at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is proud to be a leading supplier of mobile spray foam rigs and equipment. Whether you need new spray foam equipment, a Graco Big Rig, or replacement parts — our store’s entire inventory is hand-picked by experts. We also have several flexible in-house payment plans available. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

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