Why More SPF Contractors Trust Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment

By Kevin Malone

In the dynamic spray foam industry, top brandscompete to produce the most useful and durable equipment for contractors. Ourteam of experts has (collectively) 400 years of spray foam field experience.So, we know which products work and which do not. When we encounter spray foam equipmentthat meets our high standards, we do not hesitate to share the news with you.This is why we are excited to introduce Carlislespray foam equipment.Soon, you will find spray foam guns and machines from this brand in our onlinestore, with plenty more innovations to come. Here is a preview of what you canexpect.

Carlisle Brand Overview

Carlisle Construction Materials is a stable brand that has over 100 years of experience in the construction industry and is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products for spray foam professionals. Carlisle recently entered the SPF market by launching Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI). The new product line from CSFI is backed by three key elements that make an SPF company thrive: technology, resources, and corporate stability.

One of CSFI's defining technologies is theIntelliSpray System, which was specifically designed to correspond with the Carlisle Spray Foam System'sInsulation's product portfolio. This pairing has enabled Carlisle to reimaginehow spray foam insulation can be applied accurately, productively, and cost-effectively.

Introducing the IntelliSpraySystem

Carlisle is proud to offer a complete,optimized SPF solution through the IntelliSpray system which includes the IS40Intellispray Proportioner, the ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun, and Quickheat Hose. Thesystem boasts an improved yield that results in daily material savings between$100-$150. It is designed to reduce the risk of spraying off-ratio materialwhich both saves you money on material and improves spray consistency.

The system is also designed to save you time.Contractors can spend less than six hours to complete a job that would normallytake them eight hours. This is due to better yields and more efficient systemperformance and a quick startup feature that reduces warm-up time by 50% andsaves up to a half-hour per day in setup time. This gains you one extra day permonth applying spray foam that would otherwise be spent setting up equipment.

The ST1 Spray Gun

Carlisle's ST1Air Purge Spray Gun is ergonomically designed to provide contractors withincreased comfort and control. It is also intuitive to use and easy to servicewhen it needs maintenance. Other benefits of the Carlisle spray foam guninclude:

  • More Spray Time
    • It has quick-change mix tips tofacilitate application precision and consistency.
    • An intuitive design that is easyto service.
    • It is designed for quick changesand versatility and reduces overspray build-up on the gun to keep the sprayeroperating.
    • Its applicators can spray longerand more consistently, especially in hard-to-reach areas.
    • Its design allows for maximumuptime, consistent patterns, smoother application, and higher yields.
  • More Comfort & Control
    • The ST1 is designed to reduce operatorfatigue and increase application consistency.
    • The handles have a wing designthat transfers the load from operators' fingers to their arm which reduces userfatigue.
    • Includes an optional strap tosecure the gun to the user's hand and allow fingers to rest when nottriggering.

The IS40 IntelliSpray Proportioner

The IS40IntelliSpray Proportioner is the core of the Carlisle spray foam system. This new spray foammachine rises to the challenge of today's modern contracting needs. Among itskey features are:

  • True Ratio Control & Assurance
    • It uses a combination ofindependent, servo-driven motors and integral flow meters to control the flowof A & B materials. This maintains a near-perfect on-ratio control whichyields extremely consistent results.
    • It is equipped with Carlisle'sIntelliSense Technology, which means it has sensors in its flow meters toensure a 1:1 ratio. If they detect off-ratio conditions, the equipmentautomatically shuts down.
  • Improved Pressure
    • It sprays most fluids at higherpressures, which leads to greater yields and higher productivity.
    • Independent A & B sensorsthroughout the QuickHeat Hose effectively communicate between the IS40 andsprayer to ensure accurate temperatures and performance.
  • Easy to Use
    • The proportioner has intuitivecontrols and automation such as 15' full-color touchscreen with controlsthat are easy to read and use.
    • The IS40's industrial-gradeoperating system improves productivity, automates tasks and provides jobcompletion confirmation.

The Quickheat Hose

Experienced spray foam contractors depend on awell-insulated hose to keep materials at the optimal processing temperatures,and Carlisle produces hoses that compare favorably with the competition. Hereare the main features of the QuickheatHose.

  • Improved Process Control
    • Communicates well with the IS40 Proportioner to provide temperature and pressure control at the spray gun and to maintain an accurate temperature.
    • Its internal heater wire enables over 90?F of system DeltaT in the hose, which reduces the need for preheating and recirculation.
    • Efficient heating system reduces warmup time by 50%, which allows for fast sprayer startup.

Carlisle Equipment At IntechEquipment & Supply

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