Learn about the new Graco Reactor 3 Models  |Learn about the new Graco Reactor 3 Models  

By Kevin Malone

Finally, the new Graco Reactor 3 models are here! For the past 40 years, Graco has taken all customer feedback seriously. And though the first and second Reactor series are already award-winning machines, Graco has fine-tuned and improved upon details to enhance the user experience even more. The latest to come from Graco's R&D team has been called a 'game-changer' by contractors on social media and is the product of years of research.

This new generation of Graco Reactor products comes at a time when better functions and precision are more important than ever. At Intech Equipment and Supply, our team of experts is thrilled to bring the latest and best solutions to your spray foam business. Do you want to know if upgrading to a Reactor 3 model is right for you? Here are some main takeaways about the new Graco Reactor 3 models.

Better Methods = Better Results

When accurate and faster results make all the difference, Graco has stepped up to give spray foam contractors what they need. The Reactor 3 family is designed to produce even better results than previous models. With the Graco Reactor 3, contractors can control the entire spray foam system ? from drum to gun ? and spray with unmatched precision with the help of automation. With excellent data-driven tools and analytics at your fingertips, you can produce consistent results to increase your bottom line. The models that will belong to the Reactor 3 family in standard, pro, and elite models include:

Made for Day-to-Day Use

Graco knows that SPF contractors need products that can withstand the everyday demands of spray foam. This is why the new Reactor 3 comes with improvements that make it easier than ever to meet your goals ? without nuisance breakdowns or frequent maintenance. Here are some of the system's biggest improvements, starting from the Reactor 3 itself:

  • A fully connected system: All components, from the touchscreen interface to the heated hoses, are simplified and redesigned to promote single-system communication.
  • Reactor Connect: This user-friendly app helps operators stay connected, make informed decisions, improve productivity, and make operations more efficient. Here are some of the main things you can do with Reactor Connect:
    • Manage a single rig or fleet.
    • Get cellular updates on all active jobs.
    • Remote control your spray foam machine.
      • Turn it on or off
      • Turn on heat zones
      • Turn pumps on and off
      • View drum levels
    • Receive customized reporting
    • Automatic error detection
    • Access the Graco Reactor tech assistance team for remote troubleshooting.
  • Improved touchscreen-only interface: A simplified menu makes it easier to control the spray foam machine and access data. Pull up vital information like temperature, pressure, and A + B set points. Set up automated updates to your cellular device and other automated features like ratio assurance in minutes.
  • Reactor Katalyst System: The Reactor 2's ratio assurance system has promoted accurate ratios and helped contractors achieve better results, so it remains in the Reactor 3 within its new and improved Katalyst System. Therefore, if your materials are ever detected to be off-ratio, the system will shut off automatically. In addition to ratio control, Katalyst has several new capabilities such as preparing an optimal mix of iso and resin consistently during a job to maximize efficiency.
  • Core E1 Electric Transfer Pumps: For optimized material mixing and less downtime, this quietly running pump system can communicate with the Reactor 3 for seamless operation.
  • Xcelerator Heated Hose: The Reactor 3 pairs the best with these internally heated hoses that have individual temperature controls to keep your materials in optimal condition. The Xcelerator internally heated hose also heats up around 40% faster and is 10% lighter than competing external heating hoses.
  • Set different system modes: Choose between spray, jog, and park mode to achieve the results you need.

Plus, all Reactor 3 proportioners are designed to run more quietly and efficiently than previous models. This makes operating the system simpler than ever while improving performance and reducing the frequency of maintenance.

Graco Reactor 3 Models for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

The Reactor 3 series has been freshly redesigned to adapt to the ever-growing needs of spray foam contractors. Intech Equipment and Supply is proud to carry this new line and make it available to contractors in 2022.

The latest generation Reactor Graco has unveiled is an exciting development in the spray foam world.  If you want to learn more about this field-tested, contractor-approved innovation that is backed by industry-leading support, speak with our sales team today.

The Graco Reactor 3 series can help you grow your spray foam business and improve productivity. Contact us to learn how.

About Kevin Malone
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